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Gotham Knights May be Getting DLC with Revamped Villains, New Enemies, and More

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights came and went last year without a ton of fanfare, but it seems like Warner Bros. Interactive and developer WB Games Montreal may be looking to revive the game. One of the main criticisms of Gotham Knights was that its core campaign was a bit paltry, particularly compared to the Arkham games of old, and it’s rumored this is the aspect the DLC will focus on.

The rumors began with an official tease from the Gotham Knights Twitter account.

Not long afterward, Twitter account Batman Arkham Videos posted what appears to be a series of achievements for the new DLC, which implies it will offer new showdowns with villains Harley Quinn, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze, as well as new “supercharged” criminals. This is all apparently part of something called the KELVIN Incident.

Here’s a rundown of the achievements, for those who can’t see the above image for some reason…

  • Hammer and Icicle - Defeat Mr. Freeze and his unexpected allies at Blackgate Penitentiary.
  • Crime is a Terrible Thing to Waste - Surf the sewers and sabotage Clayface's masterpiece.
  • The Cold, the Bad, and the Ugly - Stop Harley Quinn's spectacular siege at STAR Labs.
  • Renewable Enemy Source - Defeat 75 supercharged enemies.
  • It's Nice to be Wanted - Defeat each of Gotham's Most Wanted present during the KELVIN Incident.
  • Element of Surprise - Break supercharged criminals 50 times using Elemental Effect weaknesses.

Of course, take this with a grain of salt until Warner Bros. actually announces something. If this is the real deal, it will be nice to see Gotham Knights get some more story content, even if it’s pretty clear the DLC is being assembled from existing parts.

Haven’t been keeping up with Gotham Knights? Wccftech’s Alessio Palumbo found the game to be serviceable, but not up to the same level as past Batman games in his full review

“Gotham Knights is an enjoyable action RPG that follows in the footsteps of the Batman: Arkham legacy while striking out on its own in a slightly different direction. It's the most realistic Gotham City we've seen yet, even though the story is only serviceable and the performance is disappointing. Still, fans of the genre and the characters should have fun with the game.”

Gotham Knights can be played on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5.

Written by Nathan Birch
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