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Halo Infinite Forge Mode Leaked Gameplay Shows Impressive Customization

Halo Infinite Forge

The Halo Infinite Forge Mode is one of the most anticipated additions coming to the 343 Industries game. Forge has been a franchise staple ever since its debut in Halo 3, and many fans were disappointed it wasn't available from the get-go (just like campaign co-op, which is coming soon) with the latest installment.

On the upside, though, it looks like the developers at 343 Industries are working hard to make the mode deeper than it has ever been. In late 2021, the first Halo Infinite Forge Mode leak demonstrated the full scripting system that will be available to modders once the mode is released.

Now, though, YouTuber Helioskrub has shared two new videos from a test build that further showcase the impressive customization of Halo Infinite Forge. To begin with, according to Helioskrub, it will be possible to create Call of Duty Zombies-style window barriers when the mode ships.

The player can board up windows by interacting with them. Attacking zombies can also breach the barriers by interacting with them. The whole build is very simple thanks to Halo Infinite's improved Forge.

The pointers are used to determine the final location/rotation of the boards when a human players interacts with the hidden terminal. The node graph is also very simple. The top part builds the barriers when a human interacts. The bottom part resets them to their original positions when a zombie tries to break through.

Helioskrub even managed to build a so-called Pack-A-Punch machine.

Pack-a-punch can turn ordinary weapons into their campaign counterparts. If you wanted to, each gun could have a corresponding 'PAPd' version. I used the weapon combining feature to turn the Commando into a SPAZ-24. 

There's no date yet for the public release of Halo Infinite Forge mode, but we'll make sure to keep you apprised whenever it is announced.

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