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Here’s How To Tell Between An AVX-512 & Non AVX-512 Supporting Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPU

Here's How To Tell Between An AVX-512 & Non AVX-512 Supporting Intel Alder Lake Desktop CPU

AVX512 support on Intel Alder Lake CPUs was a considerable gamechanger for the company, but not in how the company intended for it to be. The series was released with the option to instruct users to activate the AVX512 option on applicable CPUs to allow for overclocking.

Intel AVX-512 Supporting Alder Lake CPUs Feature Older Logo, Non-AVX-512 Chips With New Logo

Intel did not intend for users to create workarounds to access the capability to stress the Alder Lake processors, so the company locked the option from users, stressing that anyone accessing the AVX512 process would void their warranty. Now, the company has a way to tell the difference between the intended AVX512 compatible Alder Lake CPUs and locked processors from the company.

YouTuber Luumi recently dropped the following video on the platform to show users how to quickly tell the difference in Alder Lake CPUs with the AVX512 support.

As shown in the video above, the square logo on several Intel products and the older "halo" logo allow users to tell what CPUs are accessible to the overclocking support quickly. When the company first introduced the processors on the market, several users felt it was only rebranding their processors and not telling users what the logo meant.

Source: VideoCardz

I wanted to add this information to my Cheap AVX-512 monster video as I couldn’t get AVX-512 to work on either of my previous G7400 CPUs. The rig itself was fine, but actually neither of those G7400 CPUs had AVX-512 support available as it was already disabled by Intel at the factory which is pretty much the case with all newest Alder Lake CPUs.

Seems that nearly all 2022 batched Alder Lake CPUs have AVX-512 disabled, so you are better off hunting a 2021 batch CPU. Luckily for us Intel left a mark to determine does the CPU support AVX-512 or not, by looking at the IHS. Every CPU that has a halo/circle marking on top of the word Intel on the IHS will have AVX-512 support, and all rectangle/square ish marking CPUs will have it disabled by Intel.

So at least with the Pentiums and other lower end models you can just walk around in a store and look at the processor’s IHS from the small peek window and determine if it has AVX-512 or not.

— Luumi

Intel and users can now rest easier knowing which processors are accessible to the AVX512 instruction so that users can pick the suitable processor for their needs. Especially since Intel fused the Alder Lake chips, completely locking any AVX512 capability.

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