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Hogwarts Legacy Breaks Twitch Record for Single Player Games

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy, the open world roleplaying game set in Harry Potter's Wizarding World, is now available for those who pre-ordered the deluxe version of the game, which comes with three days of early access.

That means plenty of gamers started streaming Hogwarts Legacy while everyone else who purchased the regular edition could only watch. The interest in the game seems to be very high, given that Avalanche Software's title already broke the Twitch record for most peak viewers registered by single player games with nearly 1.3 million viewers, beating Cyberpunk 2077's previous record of 1.15 million viewers. According to TwitchTracker, that translates to the fifteenth position on the all-time chart, though all the other games are multiplayer titles (and some aren't even games at all, like Just Chatting or Special Events or Arcane).

If you're also planning to check out Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch, you might want to look into the Twitch Drops campaign, which provides the following benefits:

  • Silver Dragon-Eyed Spectacles - Facewear Cosmetic.
  • Urchin Hat - Headwear Cosmetic
  • Carmine Lightning Bolt Scarf - Neckwear Cosmetic
  • Lilac Ensemble - Outfit Cosmetic
  • Merlin's Cloak - Cloak and Robes Cosmetic

According to the creator of SteamDB creator, the game currently has 214K concurrent players, and that's ahead of the full release scheduled for Friday, February 10th. Meanwhile, we've already published a beginner's guide and a review-in-progress, with Chris Wray largely praising the game.

I can honestly say I'm enjoying it a hell of a lot. I've already put over 30 hours into Hogwarts Legacy because I like to review a game as I'd play it. If the developer throws in a lot of side quests, collectibles, and more, they want the player to go for them - so I am.

If you're a fan of Harry Potter, there will be a lot to like here. The simple ability to explore Hogwarts in all its labyrinthine glory is great, but making trips to Hogsmeade, the forbidden forest, and further afield is just as enjoyable. 

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