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How to Downgrade macOS Ventura Beta to macOS Monterey [Tutorial]

Downgrade macOS Ventura beta to macOS Monterey

Here's how you can downgrade macOS Ventura beta to macOS Monterey on your Mac in a few simple steps.

Having Problems with macOS Ventura Beta? Downgrade to macOS Monterey in a Few Easy Steps

Those who are testing out macOS Ventura are definitely having a blast with the new features Apple has announced. But, if you are done testing the software and want to go back to macOS Monterey, then obviously you need to know right now how it's done.

The entire process is very straightforward. But do keep in mind that it will erase everything on your Mac. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go ahead and backup everything to a safe and secure location. You can either use iCloud Drive if you have a ton of storage there, or just use some external drive.

Also keep in mind that we are going to highlight the Internet Recovery method for downgrading your Mac. It simply requires access to the internet, nothing else. If you have a bootable macOS Monterey installer USB drive, you can use that as well. But, we will focus on the Internet Recovery method downgrading macOS Ventura beta.

All set? Read everything first before attempting anything at all.


Step 1. Make sure you shut down your Mac properly.

Step 2. Turn on your Mac and do the following:

  • Hold down the Command+R keys on the keyboard if you have an Intel based Mac and it will boot into Recovery Mode.
  • Keep on holding the Power button after turning on your computer if you have an Apple Silicon Mac. Select 'Options' when it appears on the display.

Step 3. Select Disk Utility once in Recovery Mode.

Step 4. Select your main SSD or HDD from the left hand side and then click on Erase at the top. Leave all the options as they are set by default. Click on Erase.

Step 5. Click on the red button on the top left to close Disk Utility once the drive has been erased.

Step 6. Click on Reinstall macOS. Follow the on-screen steps and everything will begin momentarily.

Once the installation is complete, and it will take a while, you will jump right into a fresh installation of macOS Monterey. You can choose to set up your Mac as a brand new one or do nothing at all if you plan to sell it to someone else.

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