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How to Import Data From PDF to Excel

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In your professional or personal life, you may encounter occasions where you need to conduct some analysis, manage your accounts and financials, analyze your bank statements further, make targets out of deadlines, etc. There may be times that this information is available to be processed and analyzed, but it is in a PDF. You can always use the copy and paste technique and analyze in Excel, but it is very tedious and can be time-consuming. The best way is to import data from PDF to Excel, and I will address this in this tutorial.

Import Data From PDF to Excel

If you have an Office365 subscription, you can do this very easily. This feature was introduced in 2020, and I hope it is launched for other Excel versions, too, and not just for Office365 users. The process is very simple, and you can do it fairly quickly. Just follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open Excel or open the Excel sheet where you want to import the data.

Step-2: Click on the Data tab.

Import Data From PDF to Excel

Step-3: Now click on the Get Data drop-down option on the left corner of the window.

Import Data From PDF to Excel

Step-4: Hover your cursor over FromFilee and click From PDF.

Import Data From PDF to Excel

Step-5: Locate the File you wish to get data from. Click on it and then select Import.

Import Data From PDF to Excel

Step-6: You will now get a Navigator Panel, and you will see a list of everything included in the PDF file. Click on any of the items, and you will get a preview on the preview screen. If it is something that you wish to convert to a spreadsheet form, click on it and then select Load.

Import Data From PDF to Excel

Your data will be imported into the Excel sheet in a table, but you can make further adjustments if you want to make the data seem more relevant to you.

Load Settings

You can adjust the Load settings if you want to get the data in some other form, like a pivot table.

  1.  Follow steps 1 – 5 from the above section.
  2.  Instead of clicking on Load, click on the arrow next to Load and select Load To.
    Load To
  3.  You will get options of Pivot Table Report, Pivot Table, etc. You can even choose to load the data into a new worksheet rather than the existing sheet. Select whichever options are relevant to you.
  4.  Select OK.

Power Query

You can further customize the data using the Power Query window.

  1.  Follow steps 1 – 5 from the first section.
  2.  Click on Transform Data.
    Transform Data
  3.  A Power Query window will pop open. You can customize data to your liking by using the features given, like adding rows and columns, removing rows & columns, managing parameters, etc.

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