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I, The Inquisitor Is a Story-Driven Action/Adventure Game Based on the Book Series

I, the Inquisitor

Polish game developer The Dust S.A. has premiered a new trailer for its upcoming story-driven action/adventure game titled I, the Inquisitor.

The game is based on the bestselling Inquisitor book series by Jacek Piekara, set in an alternative timeline where Jesus was consumed by rage while on the cross, unleashing violent revenge on all non-believers. Centuries later, armies of zealot Inquisitors now enforce the blood-soaked Church's faith.

I, the Inquisitor will be released on PC (Steam), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S|X. There is no launch window as of yet.

You are Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor in God's service - sent to the town of Konigstein which is plagued by a series of mysteries and sin. Solve the various cases and crimes of those who have transgressed against the faith, all while uncovering the truth of a darker evil from another realm that is trying to enter the world of the living.

Be the Ultimate Holy Judge and Jury

Your role as an Inquisitor is to maintain order and enforce the faith in God. But the world is full of sinners who have lost their way. Decide the fates of those you judge in multiple story-driven cases and missions. This is a world where morality and what is right have long strayed from each other. So, will you show mercy or undying belief in holy law?

A Morally Tainted, Non-Linear Tale

This is a dark and gritty story centered around a religion preaching revenge and violence. Multiple branching story choices will test your morality. Choose your path and decide what kind of Inquisitor you will be - one of pity or one of retribution - and ultimately what mark you leave on this world.

Enlightened Sleuthing

Mordimer has unique skills and abilities that allow him to solve the various crimes and mysteries that have befallen Konigstein. Track down and interrogate suspects. Discover the hidden truths of the city and its inhabitants. Piece together the evidence and make your final judgments.

Delve into the Unworld

Unbeknownst to those around him, Mordimer has the ability to enter the mysterious Unworld. There he can discover the deeper secrets that suspects have tried to hide in their souls. But there is a grave risk to venture into this world as a dark force reigns supreme here and will do everything it can to destroy you for stepping foot into its realm.

Persuasive Interrogations

The 1500’s are still a cruel era of justice. As an Inquisitor, you have been given free reign to use whatever methods and tools deemed necessary to get suspects to reveal “the truth”. These optional interrogations date back to the times of the real Inquisition and it’s up to you to decide if and how much force to apply to those under your investigation.

Let Your Sword Do the Talking

Sometimes a tongue just needs to be cut right out in order to loosen it. A full sword-based combat system means various cases will let or even require you to use brute force. Master your blade, find your openings, and use your enemy’s weak points against them.

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