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Intel adds Arc GPU, Rocky Linux, & multi-GPU functionality support to oneVPL 2022.1

Intel adds Arc GPU, Rocky Linux, & multi-GPU functionality support to oneVPL 2022.1

Intel recently updated the oneAPI Video Processing Library, also known as oneVPL, to version 2022.1. The new update changes Intel's focus on VA-API and Media SDK to the current standard of oneAPI acceleration.

Intel changes the focus on support for video acceleration to oneVPL, the open-source specification API, with the newest update to increase reliance on more product lines

The latest update supports Intel Arc A series GPUs, Rocky Linux support, and graphics card support for a wider variety of previous-generation GPUs, such as Tiger Lake. Intel oneVPL is described on the company's website as,

[...] a programming interface for video decoding, encoding, and processing to build portable media pipelines on CPUs, GPUs, and other accelerators. The oneVPL API is used to develop quality, performant video applications that can leverage Intel® hardware accelerators. It provides device discovery and selection in media centric and video analytics workloads, and API primitives for zero-copy buffer sharing. oneVPL is backward compatible with Intel® Media SDK and cross-architecture compatible to ensure optimal execution on current and next generation hardware without source code changes.

Now, Intel is capable of supporting Tiger Lake processors and 12th Gen graphics, also known as Arc A series. At the same time, the dispatcher from the oneVPL update can focus on previous Intel Media SDK as far back as eighth-generation graphics hardware — the Broadwell hardware series.

On the open-source side, RHEL-based Rocky Linux allocation has received added support. The new Arc A graphics support will open up aid for the next-generation discrete graphics that Intel is manufacturing and providing for new desktops and laptops. For Microsoft users, Windows 11, Visual Studio toolchain, and Windows Server 2022 will now be supported by Intel oneVPL.

The updated oneVPL library shows improvement for multiple adapters and GPU uses, and the oneVPL dispatcher will include new support for the API 2.6 specification. Now, multiple Intel GPUs with Intel Media SDK graphics will find assistance from oneVPL.

Below are the recent additions to the code and fixes.


  • Updated oneVPL dispatcher to support API 2.6
  • Added ONEVPL_PRIORITY_PATH for RT loading
  • Extended multi-adapter to support most combinations of GPU hardware that works with Intel(R) Media SDK and oneVPL
  • Updated documentation on working with multiple adapters using 2.x API
  • Added support for extended device ID on legacy GPUs
  • Added support for Intel® Arc™ A Series Graphics
  • Added support for:
    • Rocky Linux*
    • Windows* 11
    • Windows* Server 2022
    • Microsoft Visual Studio* 2022


  • Intel(R) Media SDK is loaded when DX9 is requested


  • MFXCloneSession is not functional on legacy GPU systems
  • hello-encode not working on DG2 due to default input resolution

oneVPL 2022.1.0 has been updated to include functional and security updates. Users should update to the latest version.

Check out the GitHub page for more information about the newest oneVPL 2022.1 release and available downloads.

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