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Intel’s 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs Get Additional Support In Coreboot

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Last month, Intel started to change a more substantial focus on Meteor Lake open source support with the commits made to Coreboot. The updates would allow the new Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs to use the same firmware available for other use-cases, as well as what is seen in Google's Chromebook lines. More code has been included in the Coreboot preparations to the end of June, with the firmware required to be a standard.

Continual additions added to Coreboot in preparation for Intel's 14th Gen Meteor Lake CPUs

Website Phoronix notes that while adding more commits to Coreboot in the Linux kernel to prepare for Meteor Lake from Intel, a few motherboards support the firmware. The website further mentions that Google Chromebooks will be a prominent supporter of Coreboot, allowing the line to be more accessible to more users.

Inclusions to the commit on GitHub. Image source: Phoronix.

Readers will remember that Coreboot is an application project focused on substituting proprietary firmware (UEFI or BIOS) in most computer systems with light firmware. That firmware is developed to act exclusively with the lowest number of tasks essential to load and process on a modern 32-bit or 64-bit OS. Coreboot was previously known as the LinuxBIOS.

Last month also included work between Intel and the Firmware Support Package or FSP, which are now available for the existing Meteor Lake support in Linux. Several open-source developers not working with the company are demanding Intel change FSP to make the software open-source or allow for other modifications to receive more open compatibility and functionality.

The last of the Coreboot inclusions for the initial Meteor Lake SoC include RAM and ROM stages into the open-source preparations. Also, ACPI coding, other IDs created, and other changes are added to Coreboot at the end of June.

AMD showed less enablement of code in June for readying the new RDNA 3 and Zen3+ lines that will appear in the coming months. The only inclusions made in June were for the AMD variant of the Vulkan graphics accelerator.

While AMD has their new product appearing in the latter half of the third quarter of 2022, Intel is not releasing the Meteor Lake line until almost one year after the Raptor Lake series has yet to hit the market. However, it is advantageous for Intel to prepare far ahead of the competition and match the roadmap of development promised over the last year.

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