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Latest Intel Arc GPU Drivers Enhances Arc Control Experience, Fixes Even More Bugs

New update to Arc GPU driver combines the Arc Control gaming software to the Arc GPU driver, fixing major issues 1

Intel released an updated driver to the Intel Arc Series of GPUs a few weeks ago. However, this morning, an insider leaked information about the discovery of a newer driver that was much more significant to the Intel Arc gaming GPUS. The most recent driver combines the Arc Control software with the graphics driver, allowing one single installation and no separate installations.

Intel's Arc Control gaming software is fused with the newest Alchemist GPU driver

The previous driver we spoke about,, does not add additional fixes to specific game titles like the recently reported one. This new 3277 update resolves several Intel Arc Control software issues. Furthermore, it is not essential to anyone who only plays on the Arc GPU and does not explicitly overclock the only desktop model capable of such, the Arc A380 GPU.

Below is the updated information on what was fixed in the newest update.

Arc Control:

  • Attempting to modify certain fields in Arc Control using keyboard inputs may intermittently not register entries.
  • Arc Control may exhibit an application soft-hang when attempting to open on certain system configurations.
  • Arc Control Game Profiles may erroneously display a default placeholder image for certain game titles.

Intel Arc Control Performance Tuning (BETA):

  • Adjusting the GPU Voltage Offset slider to the maximum value may incorrectly display unintended decimal values.
  • VRAM Effective Frequency metric in Arc Control Telemetry incorrectly displays the value in GHz.
  • Some Performance Graphs viewed within the In-Game overlay may incorrectly scale and exceed the Telemetry UI.
  • After clicking the "Reset to defaults" button in Arc Control Performance Tuning, a reboot is required to fully restore modified performance values to the desired default state.

The driver update improves overclocking capabilities but is not an essential update for Arc desktop GPU users. However, it will be more significant for reviewers and OC enthusiasts in the future. Once we see more desktop variants to the Arc GPU series, namely Arc A5 and A7, the new features focused on tuning will become more valuable to the experience.

Users wanting to download the newest Arc driver can click here for further documentation and the link to download the software.

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