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Magic Eraser is Finally Available to All Non-Pixel Phones

Magic Eraser is Finally Available to All Non-Pixel Phones

Google's Magic Eraser is an AI-driven masterpiece of a too that lets you remove objects with excellent precision out of pictures and make your pictures look the way you want them to look. Ever since its announcement, the feature was only available on Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series. Recently, Google decided that it was going to bring this feature to a broader audience and announced that all users who are on a Google One subscription are going to get access to this feature. Yes, this also includes those who are using iPhones, and well today, you have access to this feature provided you have the subscription.

The good thing is that Magic Eraser is now rolling out through a Google Photos update. However, as mentioned before, you have to have a Google One subscription. However, if you are running an older Pixel phone that does not have Google's Tensor chipset, then you do not need the subscription as you will be able to enjoy the feature for free.

The update is currently rolling out in stages, but by the end of this week or start of next week, everyone with Google One subscription should have access to the latest Magic Eraser. As for how it works, the whole usabiitly is simple, to be honest. You just go for the option, select the object that you want to erase, and boom, it's done. I had my doubts about it, but honestly, Google's implementation is pretty good, to the point that it is almost impossible to believe that the picture has been altered.

One thing to note is that this is a server-side update available on Google Photos v6.24. If you still want to check it, just go to a photo in your Google Photos, tap on Edit, and check under Tools. you will see Magic Erase along with the Google One logo on the right-hand side. In some situations, you can find it at the beginning of the Suggestions menu in the app. The update, sadly, is server-side, which means that users who are waiting for the update will have to wait for it to be available from the server. You can try sideloading the latest version of Google Photos, but that is not going t get you anywhere.

This still is excellent news for all those who wanted to try Magic Eraser. It truly is an excellent tool that can help you make so many pictures more useful thanks to its strong ability to erase objects from within the pictures.

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