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Microsoft Brings iMessage Support To Windows And Naturally, Certain Features Are Missing

iMessage support coming to Windows 11 using the Phone Link app

In various versions of Windows, including Windows 11, Microsoft has introduced the Phone Link app, which allows users to make and receive calls or messages. As a bonus, you can even view the notifications on an Android handset, but today, the company is bringing iPhone support to the app and, more specifically, iMessage support. Here is everything you need to know if you have a Windows 11 computer and iPhone combo in your possession.

Sending and receiving messages using the Phone Link app is possible through iMessage support on Windows, but that is about all that you are getting

On Microsoft’s website, the company has stated that users that currently belong to the Windows Insider Program can test out the iMessage feature. However, keep in mind that only a small percentage of Insiders will gain access this week, so if you are not given the opportunity, then you will need to be patient, as availability will be added to more users with time.

As for those who have an iPhone and want to link it to Windows 11, here is what you do. Go to the Phone Link app, and you will be able to see the option to select an iPhone (previously, there was only the option to link an Android smartphone). After selecting, an installation process will start, guiding you on how to link the app with the iPhone after you scan a QR code displayed on your computer.

You will be able to see the ‘iPhone’ option

While the process of setting up an iPhone using the Windows 11’s Phone Link app could be considered seamless to some, there are limited features when setting up iMessage, as pointed out by MacRumors. For instance, users can send and receive text messages through iMessage, but as expected, there is no option to send images or videos, which is a massive letdown because WhatsApp’s dedicated Windows 11 app provides these additions.

The pairing process

Secondly, there is the lack of full message history for conversations, so when you want to run through something with a friend that you discussed in the past, you will have to reach for your iPhone to get the job done, and that breaks productivity. In all fairness, it was expected that Microsoft would bring limited iMessage support to Windows 11, but the question remains if the company will expand upon this in the future. Stay tuned and find out.

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