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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Five Tips on Getting Started

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is finally out on PC and Nintendo Switch. This highly anticipated expansion brings new content to the game, adding new monsters, quests, and much more. Players also get a new home base, Elgado, new characters to interact with, and a new quest rank called Master Rank (MR).

To get the most out of this DLC and enjoy the hunt in Sunbreak, we have put together five helpful tips and tricks to help you during your adventure’s early stages.

Make Lots of Money

You will need a lot of Zenny to properly craft and upgrade your equipment in Sunbreak. You will get higher stats, but the price you pay is huge. So you’d better save all the money you currently have and start farming more. There are many ways to get Zenny quickly in Monster Hunter Rise, but the easiest is completing new quests and collecting the reward. Keep in mind that if you play online, the prize will be split among the players that finished the quest, so you might prefer to play solo at this stage, especially if you have a good build.

Alternatively, you can also sell the items you don’t use at the merchant: you will be surprised at how many Zenny you can make this way.

Master the Switch Skill Swap Feature

Sunbreak introduces a new, interesting game mechanic called Switch Skill Swap. This ability allows you to swap between two different Switch Skills you have set during a quest. In other words, you can select the Switch Skill of your choice while dealing with a monster, not just before starting a mission. This way, you can adjust your playstyle in combat and swap countless times without consuming any Wirebug or Stamina.

You can also make use of the new Swap Evade mechanic, which lets you evade safely from any monster. Just press the Space bar on the PC or the B button on Nintendo Switch to perform it. More info can be found in our Switch Skill Swap guide.

Upgrade your equipment

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, you can forge new Master Rank weapons. However, when you use Master Rank material to create them, you will lose all the equipped Rampage Skills. Still, you can regain any Rampage Skill you have lost by equipping Rampage Decorations, as MR weapons feature Rampage Decoration slots. These can be forged by selecting the dedicated Decorations option at the Smithy. Be aware that only weapons with dedicated slots can equip them.

MR weapons in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak have much higher attack stats than the ones of the base game and are obviously very helpful when dealing with new monsters and higher difficulty quests. You can also forge new MR armor with higher defense stats.

Collect everything

As you explore each game area during your quest, you will encounter a lot of items to collect, varying from endemic life to plants. Be sure to pick up everything you see, as you can always use it or sell it if you don’t need it. Honey, in particular, is extremely useful, as it can be used to craft Mega Potions if you have the regular Potions with you. Other materials, such as Dragonite Ore and Machalite Ore, are required to craft and upgrade weapons and armor, so you might want to have plenty of them in your inventory.

Always Eat Before Starting a Quest

As for the base game, we strongly recommend eating a meal before starting a quest. You will get some great perks from Dango, as well as a good health and stamina boost. Moreover, in Sunbreak, you can choose between Normal and Hopping Skewers. When selecting a specific skewer between the two, the skill level and the activation chance of Dango Skills also change. Skill levels vary for Levels 1 to 4.

Normal Skewers represent a reliable choice, as they keep an activated Dango Skill at Level 2 and have a reasonable activation chance while Hopping Skewers give potentially greater rewards but have lower activation chances. You can freely choose between the two, depending on your playstyle.

If you are about to start this new expansion, you might want to read our preparation guide for Sunbreak first. And be sure to keep an eye out for new how-to’s coming soon!

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