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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – How to Beat the Blood Orange Bishaten

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak introduces new monsters to deal with. The Blood Orange Bishaten is one of them, and it may give you a hard time when you first encounter it. This large monster is very similar to the standard Bishaten, but its primary colors are orange and black instead of blue and white. Moreover, this new monster can breathe fire and deal massive damage.

Let’s see how to beat the Blood orange Bishaten in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbkreak, its weaknesses, and tips for winning the fight.

Blood Orange Bishaten: Characteristics

The Blood Orange Bishaten is a Fanged Beast, and its belly pouch is full of explosive pinecones that it will throw at you during the fight, eventually dealing you Fire damage. The monster can ignite them using its fire breath or upon impact with a surface. It can be either standing on its paws or its tail. When in the latter position, it can be toppled quite easily with multiple attacks on the tail itself.

Blood Orange Bishaten: Weaknesses

This large monster is weak to Water attacks. It inflicts Fire damage, so be prepared and wear armor with high resistance to this element. If you want to have an easier time while confronting it, make sure to start the quest with a weapon dealing Water damage. The Blood Orange Bishaten’s weak point is the head, and its tail is also quite vulnerable. Moreover, it is most resistant to Fire and Dragon elemental attacks.

How to Beat the Blood Orange Bishaten

This beast has a series of attacks and moves that can potentially deal heavy damage to the hunters. For example, this monster can leap up in the air and slam its tail on the ground toward you. It can also toss explosive fruits at you with its paws or tail. It performs both quick and slow attacks; you need to follow its pattern and learn to dodge them, and you will soon be able to counter-attack this monster.

Beware of its fire breath: the beast stands on its feet and quickly fires breath from its mouth. The attacks, however, aim in a single direction, so you can easily dodge them. It also can twist its body while standing on the tail and then leaps forward. If you get hit by this attack, you will be stunned and suffer a fair amount of damage.

Aim mainly at its head and tail if you want to beat the Blood Orange Bishaten. Hitting the tail, in particular, may stop the monster’s attacks and combos. This beast is speedy and moves a lot, so be prepared to dodge its multiple melee attacks. Ranged ones are also dangerous but can be easily avoided once you have learned the Blood Orange Bishaten’s moves.

Remember that mounting a non-target monster and attacking the Blood Orange Bishaten with it can also be a good strategy to win the fight. Moreover, the mounted monster will shield you from almost every explosive pinecone that the Fanged Beast may throw at you.

Once beaten, you will eventually be able to collect some material from the Blood Orange Bishaten, useful to craft and upgrade new equipment.

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