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Mortal Rite Is a Soulslike/Roguelite Indie Game on Kickstarter

Mortal Rite

Mortal Rite is an indie developer's attempt at a Soulslike game mixed with roguelite elements. Developed by the five-man team called Round Toast Studios, Mortal Rite is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter ahead of its scheduled Winter 2022 launch on Steam Early Access. The developers are planning for the game to stay in early access for a year or two before the full release.

Check out a detailed overview and the new gameplay trailer below.

The core of Mortal Rite is a fast, action-based melee combat system that allows players to trade blows with enemies and rewards strategy over button-mashing.
Players choose from a variety of characters to embody, each with their own lore, fighting style, and abilities. Overcome enemies by using different skills, strategies, cooperation, collecting, and crafting items to stop the encroachment of the king.

Players can progress through Mortal Rite in single player or with their friends or other random players in our (up to) 5 player co-op mode. You'll be able to switch between partying up or playing alone in between levels.

Every playable character in Mortal Rite is distinctive and considered in their own class. They have their own lore, fighting style, mobility/movement speed, upgrade path, and set of special abilities. Playing through Mortal Rite with different characters will require the player to face a new challenge and employ a new strategy.

Each level in Mortal Rite will be treated as its own mini "Rogue-Lite experience" with save points provided at the end of each level and/or before big boss fights. This mixing of the souls-like and rogue-like genres will provide a rewarding and fun gameplay experience that allows players to replay our game multiple times with different characters, party sizes, and under crazy new conditions!

When "Game Over" occurs it resets the map, the setup, and the layout. Everything won't be the same as what you saw before "Game Over"; this concept is a "Rogue-Lite Element". Another element is an assortment of items that will be procedurally generated, which can randomly affect different stats on your character, providing for THOUSANDS of possible item combinations.

Enemy layouts and the number/type of enemies presented in a level will change within each run. Weather variety will affect different enemy stats, character stats, and movement. An example of this is if the level has deep snow, enemies and players will experience reduced movement speed.

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