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New Fatal Fury/Garou Game will be a ‘Very Big Release’ for SNK; Will Focus on Single-Player Content

Fatal Fury

Previously on the Fatal Fury series’ newest developments, a brand-new series entry was announced at the beginning of the month at EVO 2022. All we knew about it at the time is that it existed and that SNK was finally making a new Fatal Fury title after 23 years. Thanks to an interview at Gamescom 2022 made by Twinfinite, there’s a bit more to dissect.

For one, the game isn’t just a conceptual dream at the current moment. No, it’s actually in development. SNK stated that the newest Fatal Fury game is a “very big release” for the company, so it’ll be a significant chunk of time before we see more. Such as the game's roster or gameplay tidbits.

Something interesting about this is there’s a more significant emphasis on the single-player content than in the previous few SNK games. While the game will still focus on VS gameplay and online, the central spotlight will be hogged by the Story beats and such. To be fair, Fatal Fury’s story is rather complex. So, if this becomes a reality, maybe something like Guilty Gear Strive’s GG World mode could help people catch up.

Yasuyuki Oda (better known as Oda-san) also talked about what happened after his tenure at Dimps at the start of 2014 and said, “please let me make a new Garou game” to SNK president (at the time) Eikichi Kawasaki. Bringing the series back was one of his goals, and it took quite a while for everything to fall into place.

As for the roster, the game has only one confirmed character, series icon Terry Bogard. Oda-san didn’t directly comment on whether the old cast would return or if we’d see a generational leap and get a ton of newer fighters, so there’s no real guarantee we’ll see characters like Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, and Gato, among others.

We’ll continue to update as more information about the new Fatal Fury title is released.

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