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New Info Surrounding Blizzard’s Survival Game Codenamed Odyssey has Appeared

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Previously on Blizzard Entertainment’s developments, you may have seen that Diablo Immortal is an infested micro transaction-loaded mess. As fun as it would be to give that game more negative press, Blizzard has another thing going on; a leaked new title currently in development, codenamed Odyssey.

Coming to light in a Reddit thread, let’s break down what the Odyssey leak entails. First off, aside from the game’s development name, it’s supposed to be a survival game with building mechanics set in a fairy tale-esque world. Internally, players can open shops and sell various potions to other players.

It should be clearly stated that Odyssey will be its own unique IP, not tied to the likes of Warcraft, Diablo, or Overwatch, to name a few. Odyssey will not be a survival MMO; no, it’s more similar to ARK: Survival Evolved, which is pretty clearly noted. That said, there’s a bit more to discuss relating to the leak.

The first thing is that the game has an emphasis on alchemy-based machines, almost steampunk-like, set in fairytale aesthetics. Secondly, there’s elements like Fallout 76, and adds to the potion shop; virtually anything you craft, you can pass off and sell to other players within the game world. Finally, there’s a bit of confirmation behind some of these details. First off, there’s the Xbox Two podcast, where, in a brief spat, Jez, one of the podcast’s members, talks about Odyssey.

Secondly, another source also confirms that the codename is indeed accurate, being Jason Schreier. Beyond that, the game has not much information on it, but we’ll be the first ones to let you know when new information, leaked or otherwise, is released about Odyssey.

Odyssey is currently in development, with the game’s release date and platforms yet to be announced. In other news regarding recent gaming leaks and rumors, Halo Infinite's Battle royale mode might be closer to release than some might think, as hints surrounding various BR modes appeared in-game.

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