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NISA Showcase 2022 Brings 4 New Game Announcements on September 7

NIS America NISA Showcase

Today, NIS America has announced a new NISA showcase that will be aired on Twitch come September 7, 2022. The big surprise here comes in the form of 4 brand-new game announcements that will be featured during the stream. This announcement also comes with a small teaser video showcasing some of the content that will be announced in the stream.

You can watch the teaser trailer for the NISA 2022 Showcase below:

Well, the Prinny greeting us aside, it seems we might get some information regarding Disgaea 7 and other titles that will be published by NIS America during the showcase. The showcase is going to go live on September 7 at 8:00 AM PDT / 4:00 PM BST on NIS America's Twitch page. it'll have 4 new game announcements, a handful of updates, and a post-showcase stream where the team will take us through a deep dive of upcoming titles.

Some of the games featured throughout the showcase include Ys VIII, Raiden IV, Yomawari Lost in the Dark, Trails from Zero, and Prinny Presents: NIS Classics Volume 3. Once the post-showcase stream happens, we'll be met with a behind-the-scenes discussion with the publishing team before switching to deep-dive demonstrations of the games.

Additionally, NIS America has also confirmed that a giveaway will be held during the 2022 NISA Showcase. The giveaway will be for an exclusive, one-of-a-kind acrylic print featuring artwork from one of the new titles that will be announced. We recommend you to stay tuned to see what the new game announcements will be.

Speaking of upcoming events. Tokyo Game Show 2022 is just around the corner, and several game companies have made their schedules known. According to the schedule, Microsoft and Bandai Namco Entertainment streams will air on September 15th. The following day, there will be streams from Koei Tecmo, SEGA/Atlus, and Square Enix.

Capcom will also have its own presence throughout the show. More importantly, it's also been confirmed that Konami will announce a new game during its event, which will be a new entry in a world-loved series, possibly the new entry in the Silent Hill series that has been rumored to be in the works for quite a while.

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