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OxygenOS 13 Goes Official with More DNA from ColorOS

OxygenOS 13 Goes Official with More DNA from ColorOS

We all know the fact that Android 13 is just around the corner for the Pixel phones, and it will not be long before Samsung launches the One UI 5.0 beta program, as well. Now it seems like OnePlus is joining the party as the company has officially announced OxygenOS 13, which is, of course, based on Android 13, and we have some concerns, to be honest.

OxygenOS 13 Will be Coming to Supported OnePlus Phones Starting This Year

During today's launch event of the OnePlus 10T, the company showed off OxygenOS 13, as well. They showed a number of enhancements that come to the new OS including Spotify and Bitmoji integration. You also get some tweaks to the Zen Mode, and more. OnePlus has also pushed Nearby Share and Fast Pair as the main highlights of OxygenOS 13.

Other features that OxygenOS 13 will be bringing to the table include but are not limited to.

  • AI System Booster
  • Smart Launcher – Faster folders, ability to open apps from the folder icon, add widgets from app icons
  • Sidebar Toolbox – Sidebar with quick access to select apps
  • Hyperboost Gaming Engine upgrades
  • Spatial Audio support
  • Private Safe 2.0

However, the biggest change is coming down to the design. During the OnePlus 10T launch event, the company spent around 30 minutes talking about OxygenOS 13 and focusing a lot on the new design of the update. The main thing that caught our attention was the new "aquamorphic" design language that the company says is meant to invoke ideas from water. There are also new blue and orange accents that you can find throughout the entire UI.

However, the one thing that might disappoint everyone is that OxygenOS 13, at its core, is just ColorOS 13. This is not a good thing for many OxygenOS users because OnePlus in the past has promised that both OS will only share a unified codebase but will not have the same visuals.

Going beyond the design, OnePlus has also talked about a bunch of ways to describe the update, and well, this is what they say.

  • Intentional Adaption: OxygenOS 13 features soft and rounded edges across its design for a more comfortable viewing experience. Every detail in OxygenOS 13’s design has been created with purpose, making each element both useful and appealing to fit your needs.
  • Calm Vitality: Form and function co-exist in OxygenOS 13, as it adds to the user experience by anticipating every need and making widgets more accessible through one long press.
  • Intelligent Design: The colors of OxygenOS 13’s design will intelligently transition to match the time of day you are using your device – meaning the operating system will be brighter in the morning and take on a darker, calmer aesthetic after sunset.

OxygenOS 13 will first roll out to OnePlus 10 Pro, but at the time of writing, there is no timeline for the update.

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