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Rainbow Six Siege “Operation Brutal Swarm” and New Attacker Grim Detailed Ahead of Launch

Rainbow Six Siege

The latest Rainbow Six Siege season, Operation Brutal Swarm, hits test servers today ahead of its full launch in early September. The headline features of Ubisoft Montreal’s latest update include new attacker Grim, who assaults opponents with swarms of robot bees (yes, really) and the addition of the previously-event-exclusive Stadium map to the full rotation. You can check out an overview video for Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3, below.

Here’s a bit more detail on what to expect from Brutal Swarm’s new attacker and returning map…

“In Operation Brutal Swarm, comb the site for intel with new Attacker Grim, a master of survival and reconnaissance from Singapore with military experience in stealth, security, and intelligence. His Kawan Hive Launcher System gadget fires a projectile that deploys a canister on the floor and releases a swarm of bee bots into the air. Defenders that pass through the swarm area have their location revealed by a ping. Even after leaving the swarm area, Defenders will continue to be pinged until the bee bots run out of battery. Grim is a high speed, low health Operator, equipped with a 552 Commando or SG-CQB as a primary weapon and a P229 as a secondary weapon.

Alongside Grim, Stadium, a fan-favourite map, arrives at season launch as a permanent map. Featured during the Road to S.I. event, the map returns under a new name, Stadium Bravo, and gets added to the map pool in Y7S3. Utilising elements from other maps and indestructible bulletproof glass, this map challenges both teams to develop new strategies due to the map’s unique layout.”

Ubisoft is also promising to add new features to combat toxicity next season, including Reputation System penalties for abusive text chat, and the ability to easily report cheaters using the Match Replay viewer. A number of balance changes and a total revamp of weapon recoil are also coming.

Rainbow Six Siege can be played on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Stadia, and Luna. Operation Brutal Swarm gets buzzing on September 6.

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