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Redfall – How To Get Unlimited Money


As in pretty much every title powered by role-playing game mechanics, money is extremely important in Redfall, as it allows players to purchase all sorts of items, ranging from new weapons (which you really shouldn't be doing for a variety of reasons) to essential items like medkits, Rewire Kits, and Lockpicks that can be used to unlock safes, crates and further explore the vampire-infested town island.

Money can be tight at the start of the main campaign and continues to be somewhat so if you don't take the time to explore each location thoroughly in search of loot, but if you don't feel particularly ashamed to exploit the game's mechanics to your advantage, you can essentially get unlimited money as soon as you reach the Fire Station main hub. And you really shouldn't feel ashamed for doing so. You're fighting vampires, after all.

How To Get Unlimited Money

Getting what essentially is unlimited money in Redfall is extremely simple by taking advantage of the fact that loot is restored after quitting the game. As such, you can loot any location in the town, quit back to the main menu, and reach the same location to loot it again until you have obtained all the money you need.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this neat little trick is to loot one of the houses closest to the Fire Station. Exit from the hub's main entrance, and then head to the right, following the road until you see a house. Here, approach the window to the left of the house's door and use a melee attack to break the window and enter the house.

Inside, you will find tons of loot, so make sure to explore all rooms on the ground floor before heading up to the first floor, where you will find more rooms with more valuable loot. Inside one of the rooms, you will find a safe holding rare guns protected by some lasers, which will activate some deadly explosives if you try going through them. Instead of killing yourself, go into the room where you looted the binoculars, go through the window, and then head into the room with the safe. Open it up with a Rewire Kit to obtain rare guns, which can be kept or sold for some serious money. The higher your level, the better the guns will be, so the more you proceed through the Redfall main campaign, the better this neat little trick will be to get unlimited money.

Written by Francesco De Meo
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