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Redfall Retail Copies Still List 60 FPS Support, Suggesting Performance Mode Was Removed Only Recently


Redfall, the next game from Arkane launching in a few days on PC and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, will be the first next-generation exclusive game that will release without a Performance Mode targeting 60 frames per second gameplay, and it looks like the decision to ship the game with only Quality Mode was made relatively recently.

Pictures of the retail copies of the Xbox Series X|S version of the game started making the rounds online today, revealing the back cover art of some copies still lists 60 frames per second support, with an additional sticker confirming that Performance Mode will not be available at launch as confirmed earlier this month. The fact that 60 FPS support is still listed on retail copies suggests that the decision to delay Performance Mode after launch was taken relatively recently, making us wonder what were the issues that turned Redfall into the first Quality Mode-only next-generation title.

As for when Redfall will get its Performance Mode targeting 60 frames per second gameplay, no one can say, as Arkane hasn't even announced a release window. When the game launches next week, Xbox Series X players will only be able to play the game at 4K resolution, 30 frames per second, while Xbox Series S users at 1440p resolution, 30 frames per second. Hopefully, even 30 frames per second, the game will be stable enough to be enjoyable, but technical issues always seem to be behind the corner lately, seeing how most major titles released in the past few years have been released in states that were far from optimal.

Those looking to enjoy Redfall at 60 frames per second and above at launch will have to get the game on PC, although optimization may not be the best, as things didn't look particularly good during a preview session Alessio attended a few weeks back.

Redfall will release on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on May 2nd worldwide. The game will be available from day one on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox consoles as well.

Written by Francesco De Meo
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