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Redfall – Where To Find The Dolls In Dr. Addison’s Mansion


While shooting down vampires, cultists, and the like is what you will be doing the most during your time in Redfall, there will be times when you will have to explore some locations thoroughly to obtain the items you need to move the story forward. Sometimes, getting these items isn't exactly straightforward, so you may want to know where to look to keep the game's flow going.

The first time this will happen is during The House of Echoes quest, an early story quest that will require you to explore Dr. Addison's mansion to the south of Redfall to learn more about what transpired before vampires invaded the once beautiful island town.

Where To Find The Dolls In Dr. Addison's Mansion

As you explore Dr. Addison's Mansion during Redfall's House of Echoes main story quest, you will come across a dollhouse inside a child's room on the mansion's second floor. For some reason, this dollhouse has some relation to your mission, and you will have to put it back together by recovering three dolls scattered all over the mansion.

The first doll is located outside of the actual mansion, as you will find it in the greenhouse located at the back of the mansion itself. You may have to fight some enemies to get there, so make sure to check out your surroundings to avoid getting surrounded and killed.

The second doll that must be found to proceed through the Redfall's House of Echoes quest can be found on a cutting board found in the mansion's kitchen. Simply look around the mansion's first floor to find it while making sure to avoid any enemy.

The third and final doll is found in the mansion's attic, which is a little trickier to get to compared to the greenhouse and kitchen. The door to the attic can be found right ahead of the second floor's stairs, but it can only be opened with the Loft Keys. These keys, thankfully, can be easily found on a box next to the big bed in one of the second floor's rooms. Once you open the door to the attic, climb up the stairs to your left and check the area with the boxes in the middle of the room to find the third and final door.

Once you have obtained all three dolls, head back to the dollhouse to put them back in place. The Redfall's House of Echoes quest, however, is far from being done at this point, as you will have to complete a few more tasks before your investigation of the mansion is truly done.

Written by Francesco De Meo
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