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Redmi Phones Might Skip on Bundled Chargers Altogether

Redmi Phones Might Skip on Bundled Chargers Altogether

The one trend in the smartphone market that no one wants to agree with is the removal of smartphone chargers. While a lot of people already have their hands on excellent chargers that they have been using, a lot of us prefer when we get new chargers with our phones. The likes of Apple and Samsung have already gone ahead and removed the chargers from their phones and while other companies are still supplying the power bricks, we now have news that Xiaomi/Redmi might be jumping on the trend, as well.

Redmi Becomes Another Brand to Remove Chargers from Budget Phones

It looks like Xiaomi's upcoming Redmi Note 11 SE might not have a bundled charger at all. This change can be seen on the product page of the device and the list of package content does not have a bundled charger in it. It is worth noting that the other devices on the website show the charger in the box, so it could very well be an incorrect placeholder but if that is the case, Xiaomi will be another brand that has removed the charger.

This is not the first time we have seen a major brand remove the charger from a budget phone. the Realme Narzo 50A PRime does not come with a charger, and the latest Galaxy A phones from Samsung are also shipping without a charger.

Whatever the case might be, companies like Redmi have reached the level of success mainly because of their budget phones and the removal of chargers is something that a lot of people might not like, to be honest.

I, for one, have been okay with the removal of chargers from phones as I have my hands on numerous chargers that I can use. Let us know what you think about Redmi taking out the charger from their budget devices. Do you think the move is right or should they revert their decision, if there is one?

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