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Resident Evil 4 Remake File Size Revealed and it Blows Away Previous Entries in the Series

Resident Evil 4

The upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake looks to be the perhaps the most ambitious entry in Capcom’s series to date, and it seems that’s going to be reflected in the game’s file size. Typically, Resident Evil games run relatively light by AAA game standards, but the new Resident Evil 4 is now available to pre-load on Xbox Series X, and it weighs in at a hefty 67.2 GB.

Of course, file sizes vary by platform, but you can probably expect the new Resident Evil 4 to be around that 67 GB mark on all next-gen platforms. By comparison, Resident Evil Village, the largest game in the series in terms of file size to this point, weighed in at about 27 GB at launch. With updates, Village has ballooned somewhat, but even now the Gold Edition only weighs in at 30.7 GB. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 remake are around 23 GB apiece. So, in other words, the RE4 remake is over twice the size of RE Village and nearly triple the size of the RE2 and RE3 remakes.

So, why is Resident Evil 4 so much heftier? Well, the original RE4 was easily the longest mainline game in the series, and it seems like Capcom is only adding to the campaign, not subtracting. A quick look at some footage of the remake also reveals a general boost in visual fidelity, even compared to the impressive-looking Resident Evil Village. So yeah, time to start clearing some space on the ol’ SSD.

Haven’t been keeping up with Resident Evil 4? Here’s everything you need to know about the remake and Francesco De Meo’s thoughts from his recent impressions

“With its incredible atmosphere kept intact and enhanced by the RE Engine and expanded gameplay, the Resident Evil 4 remake is setting out to be a great game for veterans and newcomers alike. How the many changes will hold up remains to be seen, but from what has been shown so far, it definitely looks like Capcom has done an amazing job remaking one of its most popular games.”

Resident Evil 4 launches on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on March 24. Expect more details to be shared this Thursday (March 9) during a new Capcom Spotlight showcase.

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