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Samsung Has Just Made Bixby One of the Most Powerful Assistants

Samsung Has Just Made Bixby One of the Most Powerful Assistants

When talking about the best voice assistants in the market, Bixby is often looked down at. The Samsung-made voice assistant made its debut with the Galaxy S8 series and quickly managed to get a lot of negative press.  Not only was it inferior to Siri, but it also couldn't live up to what Google Assistant had been offering for the longest time.

Time to start using Bixby again as Samsung announces some game-changing features including an AI-driven voice cloning feature

Naturally, it would have been easy for Samsung to just give up on Bixby and call it a day, but the company kept working on it and ever since its debut, has given a lot of new features to the voice assistant, making it a lot more functional. This week, Samsung has added another feather to its hat by introducing a bunch of new features that most of us would love to use.

The update is currently rolling out to Bixby users and will complete the rollout by the end of this month and has a host of new features. We start with getting "Bixby Text Call." this feature is for markets where English is the predominat language and in case you are not familiar using this feature, you will be able to answer phone calls and just let Bixby talk to the caller based on your text input.

In addition to that, the same feature also goes ahead and turns the caller's voice in text input for you to read. Although this feature adds a layer of accessibility, it is simply an excellent tool for people who are not a fan of phone calls.

Samsung has also introduced another feature called "Bixby Custom Voice Creator," and as the name sounds. The new feature takes a number of sentences spoken by the user, and then goes ahead and starts generating your voice and tone. All of this is done through AI, and while the feature looks like the next-big thing for a lot of us Samsung users, the feature is currently limited to Korean market.

Last but not least, Bixby is finally getting custom hot words, allowing you to better customize the experience of using the voice assistant.

Honestly, I don't remember the last time I found myself using Bixby but based on all the new features headed to the voice assistant, I think it is an excellent time to get back to the app and give all the new features a whirl. What do you think about the latest update? Let us know in the comments below.

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