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Samsung Pass will Soon be Integrated into Samsung Pay

Samsung decided to make a surprise announcement and told us that they are going to merge Samsung Pass along with all the features into the Samsung Pay app. The integration is going to start today in South Korea and will slowly expand to other markets in the coming months. The new app is going to be responsible for holding all your credit cards, debit cards, passwords, digital keys, tickets, coupons, as well as membership cards, and digital assets.

Samsung Pay and Samsung Pass Are About to Become One

The new Samsung Pay update will be available on all devices that are compatible with the service and are running on Android 9 and above. While Samsung Pay already stored users' cards and other such information, the new update will add more functionality in the form of Digital Keys for their cars and smart locks and can be shared with friends, families, or members.

Samsung Pay users will have the option to lock and unlock the doors of all the compatible cars and even start the engine. In addition to that, the new app will also allow users to view all their digital assets such as cryptocurrency. Samsung is planning on adding support for Bithumb, Coinone, and Krobit.

Users would be able to store travel tickets in Samsung Pay, as well. Tickets from Jeju Air, Jin Air, and Korean Air with more airlines coming in the future. Additionally, Movie tickets from the likes of Megabox, Lotte Cinema, and Ticket Link can also be added to the app. Users can also monitor the security of all their digital assets through Samsung Knox.

Jini Han, Vice President of Digital Life Team, MX Division, Samsung Electronics, said the following  “Through the Samsung Pay update, we want to provide a more convenient experience not only for payment but also for home, car, public transportation, and cultural life. We plan to expand the Samsung Pay ecosystem by working with developers.

You can read more about Samsung Pass' integration with Samsung Pay here.

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