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Skyrim Nemesis System Mod ‘Shadow of Skyrim’ Available Now

shadow of skyrim skyrim nemesis mod

The Skyrim Nemesis System Mod ‘Shadow of Skyrim’ has now been made available for download.

Back in May of this year we already reported about this interesting new mod from modder ‘Syclonix’. Now, three months later, this mod has been released. As we wrote in our article earlier, this Skyrim mod introduces the Shadow of Mordor Nemesis system in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In addition to featuring the Nemesis system as seen in Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, this mod includes a new death system that allows the player to respawn relatively close to where the player was defeated.

What Shadow of Skyrim Does:

  • Turns any enemy who defeats you into a Nemesis with a unique name, increased stats, and special buff (e.g. Argonian Vampire named "Breaks-Many-Shields" with "Shield-Breaker" buff).
  • Gives the player a situational or random debuff upon defeat (e.g. Cannot use shields).
  • Allows your Nemesis to take your gear and use it (e.g. "Breaks-Many-Shields" may be clad in your Chitin armor next time you meet him if your armor is better than his)!
  • Encourages exploration by respawning the player to a new situational or random location upon defeat (e.g. Vampire lair because "Breaks-Many-Shields" is a vampire).
  • Gives the player a quest to track down your Nemesis/Dropped Backpack with immersive directions (e.g. Return to Shrine of Mara, near Morthal).
  • Motivates the player to complete Nemesis quests (e.g. Defeating "Breaks-Many-Shields" will remove the "Cannot use shields" debuff and grant the "Shield-Breaker" buff.
  • Provides a continuous gameplay experience without saving and reloading (You respawn after defeat instead of dying and reloading).
  • Intentionally synergizes with other mods that add new enemies, locations, abilities, and perks!

Down below we’ve included some videos and screenshots of the Shadow of Skyrim mod in action.


Those interested can download the Skyrim Nemesis System mod via Nexusmods. As always, be sure to follow the provided installation instructions.

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