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Sniper Elite 5: How Axis Invasion Works and How To Kill Your Enemy

Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5 features a brand new mode, called Axis Invasion, in which you can join another player’s Campaign as a German sniper. Your mission is to find and kill the Allied sniper. If you succeed, you will earn interesting rewards such as weapons, items, and skins.

The Allied player can also eliminate the German sniper and will get an extra objective during the mission for that. This game mode can be turned off in the menu at any time, so you will be able to enjoy the Campaign without any unexpected raid. However, if you want to earn extra XP and rewards, we recommend you to leave it enabled.

To help you get started with the Axis Invasion mode in Sniper Elite 5, you will find a detailed explanation of how it works and some valuable tips to win both as the invader and the invaded player.

How Invasion Mode Works in Sniper Elite 5

If you want to hunt the Allied sniper down, you will find the Axis Invasion mode in the main menu. Just click on it, choose your loadout and start searching for a match. You will join the Campaign of a player that has enabled this game mode, and you must kill them before they finish their mission and reach the extraction point. As the Sniper Jager, the elite German sniper, you will have a specific skillset already enabled, and you can use your abilities to find the Allied player quicker.

If you are playing as the Allied sniper, you need to complete the main objective and eventually the side missions without being killed by the enemy player. Alternatively, you can also eliminate them and earn extra XP. If you want to disable the Axis Invasion mode, just head into the options menu and, under Game, turn Allow Axis Invasion off.

Tips for hunting the Allied sniper down

The elite Sniper Jager can use their abilities to hunt the Allied player. For example, the Axis soldiers you tag will report the enemy’s last known position on your radar and map with Eagle Eyes. Instead, Sixth Sense alerts you when the Allied sniper tags you, and Triangulation tags the enemies when they deal any damage to you.

You can also use the Invasion Phones to locate the invaded player and plant Booby Traps on them, as the Allied sniper will probably use the phones as well to find you. Finally, if you wish to remain unnoticed for as long as possible, you’d better walk and avoid running. This way, you will mix with the other German soldiers, and the Allied sniper will have a hard time finding you.

Tips for killing the German sniper

If you get an Axis Invasion during your Campaign, you need to defend yourself. You can run this deadly game of cat and mouse by using a stealth approach, so AI soldiers won’t notice the Sniper Jager about your last known location.

Moreover, you can use Focus to see the approximate position of your enemy on the edge of the radar. Invasion Phones are also helpful as they will reveal the enemy’s location to you. But if you use these items twice, the German player will be informed. If you are brave enough, you can lure the Sniper Jager into a trap by letting the AI soldiers locate you and then killing your enemy as they approach your last known location.

If you have just started playing the Sniper Elite 5 Campaign, you can find five tips and tricks here and the best skills to unlock early in the game in our guide.

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