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Soul Hackers 2 Guide – How to Fuse Demons

Soul Hackers 2

Demons play a crucial role in Soul Hackers 2, as you can take advantage of their powers when fighting against enemies. Stronger demons grant you higher stats during battles, and you can enhance them by leveling these mystic creatures along with you. Besides, you can also fuse them to generate new and stronger demons.

This guide will show you how to fuse demons in Soul Hackers 2. You will also find tips to help you master this game mechanic and have the best allies ready to fight with you throughout the story.

How to Unlock Demon Fusion in Soul Hackers 2

The ability to fuse demons won’t be available from the beginning of the game, as it will be unlocked as you progress through the main storyline. Fortunately, it won’t take long, and Arrow will bring you to the Roppo Realm after just a few hours since you started playing. Here, he will introduce you to Victor, a man of science that runs the Cirque du Goumaden and knows how to fuse demons.

After you enter the structure, you will get the chance to talk with Victor and, most importantly, to fuse demons. Select Fusion from the menu and choose between the three available options.

How Demon Fusion Works

Demon fusion lets you combine multiple demons to generate a new, more powerful ally. You have different methods to perform a demon fusion in Soul Hackers 2. The easiest and fastest way is to check the recommended fusions displayed at the right of the screen. These suggestions from Victor show the best three options with the demons you have at your disposal. You can access it by pressing the corresponding button in the main menu. Then, you only need to confirm, choose the skills you want to inherit, and the fusion will happen.

However, if you want to choose the demons that will be fused, you can select between three options from the Fusion menu. These are Normal, Search, and Special Fusion. We are going to analyze each one below. Remember that you can’t generate a new demon that has a higher level than Ringo’s.

Normal Fusion

It is the standard form of fusion and lets you choose two demons you want to combine from your stock. Before doing that, you can check each demon’s information, including affinities, stats, and available skills. After you select two suitable demons, you can confirm your choice and proceed.

Search Fusion

This is our preferred option to perform demon fusion. It lets you set specific search criteria and check all the possible combinations available with the demons in your stock. You can select clear filters to find the allies that best suit your needs and perform the fusion. A few examples:

  • Unobtained Demons: by activating this filter, you will only see demons that have not been acquired yet.
  • Desired Race: you can choose the specific race you want.
  • Minimum Level: you can set this filter to choose from demons of the specified level or higher.

Special Fusion

This kind of fusion can be used to obtain demons that can’t be created via standard Normal Fusion, such as Satan or Mara. Some Special Fusions require three or more demons to be performed. Demons not registered in the Compendium will be displayed with a question mark.

Demon Fusion and Skills

When fusing demons, you can select the skills that the new demon will inherit from the base ones. To always get the best possible options, you should register your demons in the Compendium regularly.

When doing that, you will overwrite their base stats with up-to-date info, so it is essential to register demons regularly after you have leveled them and acquired new skills, even if it costs you some money. This way, you will be able to select the more recent and powerful skills you have unlocked during your journey rather than the base ones.

You can also get new demons by forging contracts with them. We explain everything in detail in our guide about recruiting demons in Soul Hackers 2.

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