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Soul Hackers 2 Guide – How to Recruit Demons

Soul Hackers 2

As you progress through the game, you will have the opportunity to recruit new demons for your team and even fuse them when visiting Victor’s Cirque du Goumaden. However, you won’t go much further in your playthrough if you don’t use these powerful mechanics at their best. Therefore, we have prepared a detailed guide to help you get new demons in Soul Hackers 2.

How to Make a Contract With a Demon

When you enter a dungeon, Ringo will send some demons to perform Demon Recon in the area. They will scout the whole map, looking for valuable items and yen. Occasionally, they will meet other demons and introduce them to you. However, you need to find your demons in the dungeon and talk to them to trigger this event. They are usually located near corners and behind closed doors, so make sure you explore everything in detail before moving to a new map area.

You can make a contract with a demon that has been introduced to you by one of your supernatural allies, but be aware that it will ask you for something in return. This can be some money or a specific item, and if you accept it will join your squad. You can equip the newly acquired demons onto COMPs in the Summoner menu, adding their power to yours.

You can use the demons’ skills during battles and unlock new powers as they level up. Keep in mind, however, that your level needs to be higher than the one of the demons you want to make a contract with; otherwise, they will refuse to do so.

How to Get New Demons by Fusing Them

In Soul Hackers 2, you can also obtain new demons by fusing them. You will unlock this feature quite early in the game, as soon as you can access Victor’s Cirque du Goumaden in the Roppo Realm area. Here, you can combine multiple demons to create a brand-new, more powerful one.

When you first talk with Victor, the ringmaster, you will instantly notice one or more recommended fusions displayed on the right of the screen. He selects these, and you can access this information by pressing the corresponding button in the main menu. If you don’t mind which demons will be fused, you can use this option. However, we recommend you carefully select the demons that will be combined into a new one. You have three ways to do so:

  • Normal Fusion: it’s the most basic form of fusion, wherein you manually select and fuse your demons.
  • Search Fusion: you can set specific filters to obtain the demon that best suits your needs. However, if you leave the basic filters on, you will get all the possible outcomes you can obtain from your roster of demons. Recommended if you want to see all the options you have.
  • Special Fusion: with this fusion, you can combine and get demons that couldn’t be created otherwise. Some of them, however, require three or even more demons.

When fusing demons, the newly created will inherit some of the skills from the base ones. You can select them based on your preferences. Be aware that you can’t combine any demon that has a higher level than Ringo’s.

If you still need help with Soul Hackers 2, you can check our beginner’s tips on the game. And stay tuned for more guides coming soon!

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