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SSUPD Reveals Meshroom S ITX Case, Optimized For Superior Airflow With All-Mesh Design

Sunny Side Up Design (SSUPD), the sister brand of Lian-Li, introduces the brand-new Meshroom S ITX case, designed for gamers, content creators, and everyday use. This seems to be a perfect PC chassis for upcoming ITX X670E motherboards.

SSUPD reveals the new Meshroom S ITX case, offering optimized airflow with its unique fully mesh design and looks

The new Meshroom ITX PC case lineup arrives with two compelling, unique designs, the Meshroom S and the Meshroom D, with a build capacity of 14.93 liters and 14.97 liters, respectively. The Meshroom D case will arrive shortly after today's release of the new Meshroom S case.

The Meshroom S case maintains the heritage of SSUPD's globally praised "Meshlicious" ITX case with considerable enhancements to its overall look, feel, and functionality to fit all user demands. The PC chassis case is available in three colors — Fossil Gray, Sage Green, and Peacock Blue — and these new cases are created to revolutionize the ITX case industry.

Image source: SSUPD

The new Meshroom S chassis bear distinctive attributes and functionality developed with utility and form factor in mind. With the ability to support micro ATX and full-size ATX motherboards, the case allows for high customizability. Consumers can install full-size graphic cards at 336 mm or 332 mm, depending on the motherboard layout.

The Meshroom S has an extra fan bracket that facilitates dual radiator mounting ability and three optional areas to mount the water pumps, permitting users to create their customized liquid cooling loop. The Meshroom s maintains outstanding versatility, customizability, and superior cooling with optimized airflow.


SSUPD's designers have transformed the impasses between the motherboard tray and GPU half slot to create easier cable routing and optimize the system's airflow for valuable temperature management. SSUPD has always considered user input when developing its products. The new Meshroom S chassis has significant elements implemented into its setup, focusing on consumers' needs.

SSUPD plans to celebrate the launch of their new Meshroom S case with an international giveaway starting August 27th to September 9th. Cooperating with impactful PC KOL, PCMR_Official, SSUPD is excited to give away a full PC and some pc gears with globally renowned PC industry partners Palit, Noctua, Asrock, FSP, and Klevv.

The Meshroom S will be available for pre-order starting August 27th, 2022, at an MSRP of $159.99. The "No PCIe" version will also release for $109.99. Accessories will be available mid-October, including a different side panel, tempered glass side panel, an HDMI/DisplayPort upright angle cable, and miscellaneous PCIe 4.0 cables for ATX and M-ATX use.

You can pre-order through Newegg USA here for the standard version and here for the "No PCIe" variant. For more information, visit the official product page at

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