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Starfield Unreal Engine 5 Reimagining Looks Incredible in New 4K Video


It will be some more time before we will finally be able to play Starfield, the next highly-anticipated role-playing game by Bethesda, but the fact that the game has yet to be released hasn't stopped some talented individuals from making an amazing looking Unreal Engine 5 recreation of it.

Showcased in a 4K resolution video shared on YouTube by ENFANT TERRIBLE, this Unreal Engine 5 reimagining is based on the trailers and screenshots that have been released so far, and it looks incredible. You can check it out below.

We're so excited for Starfield we couldn't help but imagine this upcoming game in Unreal. Take a look at this GREAT footage from different Unreal Engine 5 reels and projects and imagine how the next space opera from Bethesda might possibly look like when it finally comes out. Blender, Megascans, DaVinci Resolve, Qixel Suite, Lumen, Nanite, 3DS Max, Substance 3D Painter, Epic Marketplace, Houdini, Substance 3D Designer were also used in this video.

Starfield was originally scheduled for release on November 11th, 2022, but earlier this month, Bethesda confirmed the game has been delayed, together with Redfall, to the first half of 2023.

We've made the decision to delay the launches of Redfall and Starfield to the first half of 2023. The teams at Arkane Austin (Redfall) and Bethesda Game Studios (Starfield) have incredible ambitions for their games, and we want to ensure that you receive the best, most polished versions of them.

We want to thank everyone for their excitement for Redfall and Starfield. That energy is a huge part of what inspires all of us every day and drives our own excitement for what we are creating. We can't wait to share our first deep dive into the gameplay for both Redfall and Starfield soon. Thank you for your support.

Starfield launches in the first half of 2023 on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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