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Stray Chapter 10 Midtown Guide – How to Find Clementine and the Worker Outfit


Much of the just-released kitty cat adventure Stray is relatively linear and straightforward, but in two particular areas – the Slums and Midtown – the game opens up more and presents a series a classic adventure-game-style puzzles. Unlike the rest of the game, it’s relatively easy to get lost in these parts, but thankfully, I’m here to help you through.

Here’s how to find Clementine and the Worker Helmet and Jacket in Stray Chapter 10, Midtown:

  • Check out the picture of Clementine given to you by Zbaltazar in an earlier chapter. Examine it more closely by pushing X. The game doesn’t explain this clearly, but you can turn the picture over using the left analog stick. On the back you’ll see a blue symbol representing a street, green dots representing a floor, and red dots representing an apartment number. Don’t worry though, I’m just going to tell you where to go.
  • Head down the main street until you come to a big intersection with a hologram in the middle. Head down the right path.
  • Keep going until you get to an apartment/living quarters. Head to the third floor, then find the apartment with five dots. Head through the small hole by the door.
  • Clementine will tell you she needs an Atomic Battery that’s held within the Neco Corporation. A contact has been casing the company looking for a way in. Clementine says he’s wearing a bomber jacket and a gold chain.
  • Return to the intersection with the hologram. Head back in the direction of where you entered Midtown. As you’re passing a clothes store with various jackets in the front window, hang a right into a dark alley. The robot reading the newspaper up against the wall is your contact.
  • This is Blazer and he needs a Worker’s Helmer and Jacket to sneak into Neco Corp.
  • Let’s start with the Worker’s Helmet. Head back to the main intersection with the hologram. There is a hat store right off this junction, but the owner Hator won’t let you in while he’s waiting for a pair of workers to start loading new stock. One of the workers is missing.
  • Head across the street to the bar. Head into a back room. The drunk robot slumped over the table (yes, I guess robots can get drunk) is your man. Climb up onto a nearby shelf and knock a box of bottles onto him. This sobers them up a bit and they stagger back to the hat shop.
  • The workers will begin loading boxes into the hat shop. Hide in one of the boxes and you’ll be carried into the shop.
  • Hop out of the box and nab the Worker’s Helmet in the front window.
  • While you’re at it, open up this grate so you can access the store whenever you want.
  • Okay, time for the Worker’s Vest. Head back to the apartments. There are three robots hanging out in the downstairs plaza. Talk to their leader Simon. He has a Cassette Tape that you need, but he won’t give it to you until you knock out three security cameras.
  • Head up the second floor. The first camera is easy to spot as a robot in a pink top is waving at it from the main floor. Jump on the camera and it will fall apart.
  • The next camera is just opposite the first one, connected to a sign.
  • The last camera is connected to the wall on the second floor. Climb up the platforms to reach it.
  • Return to Simon and get the Cassette Tape.
  • Return to the clothes shop near the alley where you met Blazer. The Worker’s Jacket is in the front window, but the shop’s owner Ozi won’t let you steal it.
  • Go into the back changing room area. Put the tape in the boom box there. This will distract the shop owner and let you steal the jacket.
  • Return the Helmet and Jacket to Blazer and he’ll be able to sneak you into Neco Corp! From there, you’ll have to make your way through a series of stealth sequences, but the path to the Atomic Battery is a straightforward linear shot, so you shouldn’t get lost.

Stray is available now on PC, PS4, and PS5. You can also check out our guide for fixing the Tracker and finding Doc in Chapter 6. You can read our (very positive) review of Stray, right here.

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