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Super People Final Beta Test is Now Available

Super People

The Super People final beta is now live. This means that the game will open its doors for players to test the ins and outs of the game. This test will continue to go on until the game launches into Early Access and will incorporate UI and gameplay fixes based on player feedback. Additionally, the development team has also announced a tournament for the game that will be open to players.

So, about this tournament. The game’s first-ever Super Tournament starts today and will be open every day. This competitive mode allows anyone in the beta to participate. The Super Tournament will have all the phases you'd expect, such as Qualifiers, Group Stages and Finals. The Super Tournament will take place on five regional servers. There's $75,000 up for grabs each day, and the winner of the Finals period will be declared the overall winner, and the Top 10 teams will receive cash prizes.

Super People's final beta test will feature key improvements to the game, including updates to the armory and person supply systems. Damage for different weapon tiers has been readjusted for more balance. The personal supply system has been changed so that it now shows all craftable weapons of the same tier, allowing players to choose their weapon depending on their situation.

Another new feature that Super People will add is the Training Grounds. This allows new players or seasoned veterans that just want to train a place to practice with different settings for weapons, classes, skill levels, and skill cool times. Finally, a brand new class has been added to the game. The Titan class can set up a giant shield to block enemy attacks or choose to charge forward under the shield’s cover, helping them close the distance with another player in an instant.

Super People's final beta test is currently live. If you want to join the fray, you can always get to the game's Steam Page and Request Access to the Final Beta.

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