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The Ad-Supported Netflix Tier to Potentially Tamper Functionality

Despite having a mixed response, we are all aware of the fact that Netflix is going ahead with its ad-supported tier for those who are not interested in paying more money. Now, we do know that the new ad-supported tier is not going to include all the shows that are currently available, it seems like the limitations are more than just the unavailability of shows and this might concern some users.

More Bad News Awaits for Everyone Looking Forward to Ad-Supported Netflix Plan

According to Steve Moser's findings, the ad-supported Netflix plan is not going to allow downloading content for offline viewing. Additionally, the app might prompt users to answer some questions so the app itself can personalize the ad experience and deliver ads that are more relevant. The text that Steve discovered in the mobile app states the following.

Downloads available on all plans except Netflix with ads.

Now, let’s set up your ad experience.

We just need a few details to make sure you get the most relevant ads on Netflix. It’ll be really quick, we promise!

We are not sure about when the plan is going to launch and how much will it cost. In addition to that, another thing that is up for discussion is that we are not certain whether the plan is going to help the company gain more subscribers, especially by appealing to the users who are on a more constrained budget.

Are you okay with the removal of downloads from Netflix's ad-supported tier? Let us know your remarks.

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