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The Callisto Protocol Combat and Gameplay Details Revealed

The Callisto Protocol

Not so long ago, during Gamescom Opening Night Live, The Callisto Protocol received a new trailer that showcased some new gameplay bits while also showing off the visceral combat that the game will have. Two clips were provided, one showing new enemy types and plenty of dismemberment. The second clip showed us one of the scripted sequences alongside a death sequence.

But, for those players who are still curious about what they've seen, the development team of The Callisto Protocol also started answering some questions surrounding the gameplay and combat mechanics through a PlayStation Blog published on the same day as the trailer that made its debut on Opening Night Live.

So, let's start with the more important thing, combat, and enemies. According to Glenn Schofield, the team is focused on a more strategic approach to combat that brings a unique mix of ranged shooting and brutal melee. Taking center stage in the combat, we have the GRP (or "Grip") mechanic, which allows players to transition between these two combat styles.

The team essentially allows players to have options while also bringing more terrifying encounters as they get up close and personal with the enemies. For this reason, we were introduced to what's known as Mutations. You may have noticed that some of the creatures in The Callisto Protocol essentially became stronger. These are the Mutations coming into play.

See, the creatures in The Callisto Protocol are inmates at Black Iron Prison who were transformed by a virus. As the contagion becomes more aggressive, players will have a short time to kill the virus with some well-placed shots. If the player fails to take down a Biophage when the tentacles emerge, the virus takes over the creature and sets off a series of hideous mutations that make them stronger, harder to kill, and generally more deadly.  So, you can imagine how deadly these enemies can become when facing mobs and not caring for their Mutations.

Glenn also discussed environmental hazards to complement the second clip showcased during  Gamescom. The game will have several set-piece moments that will make players face different horrors compared to the usual monsters they have to fight. Players must avoid environmental hazards in moments like this as they are flung around helplessly. If you fail to dodge them properly, you will die in an over-the-top fashion as you'd expect.

The Callisto Protocol will release on December 2nd, 2022, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

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