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The Cycle: Frontier Adds DLSS 3 and Lots More in Season 3

The Cycle: Frontier DLSS 3

The Cycle: Frontier, the PvPvE extraction shooter developed by Yager, has been updated with support for the NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology with the Season 3 update.

In a recent Q&A on the subject, Lead Producer Matt Lightfoot told me the developers were seeing a 3x increase when using DLSS 3 compared to not using DLSS at all, which is in line with the brief gameplay video shared by NVIDIA earlier this year.

Hopefully, this implementation won't be nearly as glitchy and disappointing as the Forza Horizon 5 one. I'll check it out shortly and report back.

Of course, Season 3 'Breakthrough' is adding a lot more to The Cycle: Frontier than just DLSS 3. As Matt Lightfoot had discussed in the aforementioned interview published on Wccftech, this update marks the final wipe Yager plans to ever apply to the game. This means users won't have their progression reset anymore; they'll instead get to focus on the overhauled character progression system long-term. The economy was also tuned accordingly. While the early game has been made more accessible to new players, the upkeep cost of high-end gear loadouts for endgame players has increased. Overall, Yager aims to increase the risk-versus-reward factor, as the best loadouts should be reserved only for special occasions.

Free loadout runs have been introduced for struggling players and/or newcomers. While these packages provided by the various factions won't include high-end gear, they should be helpful nonetheless. Yager also added a highly requested feature, loadout presets, which should make switching between your favorite weapons and gear sets much easier.

Season 3: Breakthrough also adds a brand new monster, the Howler, to The Cycle: Frontier. An insect-like creature capable of flying, the Howler is also the first roaming creature added to the game. Yager's goal is to increase the unpredictability of prospector runs; its difficulty is said to be between the Marauder and the Crusher. There's also a new activity called Howler Nests, where daring prospectors may find interesting items inside some of the Howler's eggs.

In Season 3, the studio behind The Cycle: Frontier is continuing its neverending war on cheating. Yager claims to have collaborated with BattlEye to introduce several backend improvements that should improve the auto-detection of cheats while also making it harder to create cheats in the first place.

The Cycle: Frontier's Season 3 also adds two new weapons, the MKI and MKII. As usual with such a huge patch of an online game, there are tons of bug fixes and balancing changes, too. For more info about that, check the full changelog.

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