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The Entire Age of Empires Franchise Is Coming to GeForce NOW

Age of Empires

The Microsoft/NVIDIA 10-year partnership to bring Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda (and Activision Blizzard, should the $68.7 billion be closed) games to GeForce NOW is being enriched by the whole Age of Empires franchise.

Today, NVIDIA revealed that all the games in the popular real-time strategy series will be added to its cloud streaming platform later this month, provided you purchased them via Steam (Microsoft Store support is still a work in progress). Microsoft is bringing the complete editions of each installment, too:

Each of the classic games has been carefully remastered, as you can read in the reviews listed just above, and the latest installment is available in its Anniversary Edition, featuring two new civilizations, eight new maps, and much more. All of these games will also support the latest and upcoming updates on GFN, such as the recently launched Return of Rome expansion for AoE II.

Collectively, the Age of Empires games are the fifth Microsoft/Bethesda game to be added to GeForce NOW, following Gears 5, Deathloop, Grounded, and Pentiment. Given that those same games are also launching on Boosteroid today, it's fair to expect the Age of Empires franchise to become available on Boosteroid in the near future.

Beyond the Age of Empires games, GeForce NOW users can look forward to the following additions to the cloud streaming library in June:

● Killer Frequency (New release on Steam, June 1)
● Amnesia: The Bunker (New release on Steam, June 6)
● Harmony: The Fall of Reverie (New release on Steam, June 8)
● Dordogne (New release on Steam, June 13)
● Aliens: Dark Descent (New release on Steam, June 20)
● Trepang2 (New release on Steam, June 21)
● Layers of Fear (New release on Steam)
● Park Beyond (New release on Steam)
● Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (New release on Steam)
● Derail Valley (Steam)
● I Am Fish (Steam)
● Golf Gang (Steam)
● Contraband Police (Steam)
● Bloons TD 6 (Steam)
● Darkest Dungeon (Steam)
● Darkest Dungeon II (Steam)

In the latter part of May, NVIDIA released the following games on GeForce NOW:

● Voidtrain (Steam)
● Gears 5 (Steam)
● Planet of Lana (Steam)
● Deathloop (Steam)
● Grounded (Steam)
● Pentiment

However, Conqueror's Blade didn't make the cut as previously planned. Of course, it may still be added to GFN in the future.

Written by Alessio Palumbo
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