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The Last of Us Part I PC Release Pushed Back for Extra Polishing

The Last of Us Part I

The Last of Us brand is as hot as ever right now thanks to the success of the new HBO series, but those hoping to get in on the fungus-ey fun on PC will have to wait just a little longer. Naughty Dog’s visually-impressive remake of the first game, The Last of Us Part I, was supposed to launch in early March, but it will now arrive near the end of the month. So, not a huge delay, but still, a bit frustrating for those wanting to play without tracking down a PS5.

“Let's get right into it: We initially announced The Last of Us Part I PC release would be March 3, but we've decided to push its launch date out by just a few weeks -- it will now be released on March 28. We at the studio have been completely blown away by the outpouring of love and support for The Last of Us these last few weeks. Hearing your love for the HBO adaptation, seeing your beautiful Photo Mode shots, and learning about how the world and characters our studio created nearly a decade ago continue to reach new and old fans alike floors us every day. We know a lot of you have been revisiting the story that started it all with TLOU Part I on the PlayStation 5 console, and we realize many of you have been excited to jump in -- some for the first time -- when Part I hits PC.

And so, we want to make sure that The Last of Us Part I PC debut is in the best shape possible. These additional few weeks will allow us to ensure this version of The Last of Us lives up to your, and our, standards. We are so excited to bring The Last of Us Part I to a new platform, reaching new and returning players with Joel and Ellie's unforgettable story of survival, and we hope that you'll continue to look forward to its PC release on March 28. The Naughty Dog team appreciates your support and enthusiasm, and we look forward to sharing more about Part I PC version soon.”

Well, makes sense. You don’t want to risk throwing off the good TLOU vibes by releasing a messy PC port. That said, cynical minds could speculate this is a way to maximize PS5 sales of the game while the TLOU series continues to air, before getting another sales bump with the PC release afterward.

The Last of Us Part I can be played on PS5 now and launches on PC on March 28. He can check out Wccftech’s review of the remake here.

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