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The Original DOOM Is Now Playable On Your Motherboard’s BIOS

The Original DOOM Is Now Playable On Your Motherboard's BIOS 1

What devices have the original 1993 Doom game not been ported? I myself own a Gameboy Advance cart of the game, digital console copies, and even VR versions (I do not recommend the last one personally, but others do like it). But where else have we seen this cult classic? PC Gamer listed that it has appeared on a rotary phone, in Twitter, and a group of moldy potatoes (100 lbs, to be exact). With the recent news about Coreboot's new functionality, it would not be much of a surprise to play Doom on a motherboard BIOS.

Doom, the 1993 cult classic, appears in the Coreboot firmware platform on motherboard BIOS

As a reminder to our most recent article about Coreboot's new enablement, Coreboot "is an application project focused on substituting proprietary firmware (UEFI or BIOS) in most computer systems with a light firmware. That firmware is developed to act exclusively with the lowest number of tasks essential to load and process on a modern 32-bit or 64-bit OS."

The focus on Coreboot is to be more inclusive, efficient, and available on more products than proprietary manufacturer applications. The BIOS was recently executed onto an MSI Z690 motherboard alongside the Dasharo framework.

Coreboot leans on the application that does the assignment once Coreboot has initialized the hardware. Various forms of Coreboot have appeared, including Linux and users utilizing the previous x86 SeaBIOS, but today, we play coredoom.

CoreDOOM, as discovered by Michael Larabel of Phoronix, loads a payload onto the system and directs it into the classic Doom on boot. While the entire cult classic is located on the system's ROM, it signifies the computer only knows to play 1993's Doom and nothing else.

I want a Tiger Electronic watch from the same period to play Doom. Can we make this a reality? And if so, can someone send it to me?

While this sounds like a great idea, there is a glaring downfall to this. If you exit the game, your system becomes unusable and freezes immediately. After this happens, you only have PS/2 keyboard support. You will also lose save support capability and sound.

As much fun as this sounds, is it worth trying it once to have to fix your system afterward?

The reason for the popularity of porting id Software's classic Doom game is the source code being public for many years. This portability has allowed the game to be loaded on pregnancy tests and more over the last several decades. The current coreDOOM is a derivative of the port called doomgeneric, which is a more portable version of Doom than the original. With it being so lightweight in comparison to today's standards, this is why so many devices have seen the game on it.

Excuse me while I load up the Doom Boss music for the rest of my day.

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