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The Quarry Shows Off More Tense Gameplay, Online Multiplayer Won’t be Ready for Launch

The Quarry

Supermassive Games’ new standalone choice-driven horror title The Quarry launches in just a few weeks, and they’ve released a new overview trailer to give players a better idea of what the game is all about. Some of the footage in the new trailer has been seen before, but we also get a peek at new areas and scenarios, as well as more information on how the game’s multiplayer and cinematic movie mode will work. You can check the trailer out for yourself, below.

On the subject of multiplayer, Supermassive has unfortunately announced that the game’s online multiplayer modes will not be available at launch…

The wait is almost over, and the team and I are so excited for you to get your hands on The Quarry in just over 2 weeks! The game will launch on June 10 with local couch co-op and movie mode alongside the single-player campaign.

However, we've made the difficult decision to delay the online multiplayer mode to deliver the best possible experience for you. It's not a long wait though -- online multiplayer will be added via an update by July 8th. We appreciate your understanding and hope you're as excited as we are for launch!

Need to know more? Here are The Quarry’s key features:

  • Your Story, Their Fate - Will you dare to check what's behind that trap door? Will you investigate the screams echoing from within the forest? Will you save your friends or desperately run for your life? Every choice, big or small, shapes your story and determines who lives to tell the tale.
  • A Stunning Cinematic Experience - Cutting-edge facial capture and filmic lighting techniques, combined with incredible performances from an iconic ensemble cast of Hollywood talent, bring the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry to life in a pulse-pounding, cinematic thrill ride.
  • Enjoy The Fright with Friends - Place your faith in up to seven friends in online play, where invited players watch along and vote on key decisions, creating a story shaped by the whole group! Or, play together in a party horror couch co-op experience where each player picks a counselor and controls their actions.
  • Customize Your Experience - Adjustable difficulty for all gameplay elements let players of any skill level enjoy the horror. And if you prefer to watch rather than play, Movie Mode lets you enjoy The Quarry as a binge-worthy cinematic thriller. Select how you want the story to unfold, kick back, and munch on some popcorn in between all the screams!

The Quarry stalks onto PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on June 10.

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