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This Renewed iPad Air 2 Runs iPadOS 15 and Costs just $164

Renewed iPad Air 2 available for just $164.99

Looking for a very cheap tablet that runs all the latest apps and iPadOS? Dig into the renewed iPad Air 2 from Amazon for just $164.

Experience iPadOS 15 for just $164 on the Renewed iPad Air 2 from Amazon

iPads are great when it comes to apps and consuming content in general. Right now, Apple sells iPad at various price points. But, if you're looking for a cheap iPad that does pretty much everything without the bells and whistles of a brand new one, then look no further than the iPad Air 2.

Released back in 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a fantastic tablet for a lot of reasons. Right now, it is available renewed for a low price of just $164.99. The best thing about this tablet is this - it runs the latest iPadOS update which means you get to experience all the latest apps and features in the world of iPad.

If you were wondering whether this iPad Air would run your favorite apps like Twitter, Facebook, Messenger or Netflix, don't fret at all, as everything will work just fine. This means that the iPad Air 2 is also a fantastic tablet for surfing the web using Safari, or Chrome, if you sit on the Google side of the fence.

Since this iPad Air comes with a Home button therefore you can experience the great wonders of Touch ID. Just place your finger on it and you'll jump right into the Home Screen. Want to pay for something online? Touch ID will authenticate your payments as well.

Last but not the least at all, the iPad Air 2 comes with a wonderful 9.7-inch Retina display which is beautiful, looks sharp and offers a wonderful color space.

Buy Apple iPad Air 2, 64 GB, Space Gray - $164.99

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