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Thymesia Guide – How To Beat The Final Boss (Spoilers)


Warning: this guide contains major spoilers of the game, so if you haven’t finished Thymesia yet, read it at your own risk.

Corvus is the last boss you will face in the main storyline, and he is a tough one to beat. This enemy is essentially you, so he moves fast, knows your moves well, and uses them against you. He has various Plague Weapons at his disposal, dodges frequently, and attacks you with his Claw.

Corvus is an intelligent enemy, always ready to counter-attack and give you a hard time during the fight. Moreover, the combat develops in two phases, so you must empty his health bar twice to defeat him in Thymesia. Fortunately, the battleground is vast, and you will have enough space to avoid his attacks by parring or dodging them. However, if you are stuck at this level, you will find tips on beating Corvus in our guide.

Corvus: Boss Overview

Your doppelganger knows well how to fight and has a wide range of moves at his disposal. From the basic ones, such as the Saber and Claw attacks, to his stronger ones, executed with a vast range of Plague Weapons, he will give you a hard time battling him. To stand a chance against Corvus, you need to know how each attack works perfectly and how to counter it. Otherwise, he will easily kill you in minutes, if not seconds.

Thymesia's Final Boss Moveset and Strategies

During the first phase of the fight against Corvus in the Ocean of Memories, he will use various attacks. He will frequently try to hit you with fast Saber combos, but you can counter them by deflecting them. After all, this is also your base attack, and you probably have used it countless times by now, so you should know the timings well. Corvus will also throw a feather, dash in your direction, and attack you. You can avoid that by either throwing a feather at your doppelganger when you see he is about to do the same or dodge it and wait for it to approach, then deflect his attack and start hitting him with fast combos and your Claw. The latter option is more challenging to execute, as there are chances that you won’t be able to deflect his attack in time, but if you get the perfect timing, you can start beating Corvus right away.

He will also frequently use his Claw to land powerful combos, and you need to be careful about their timings because, while the first Claw attack is easy to deflect, the ones that follow have delays that can be difficult to predict. However, if you successfully manage that, you can counter-attack your doppelganger effectively, dealing him some good damage.

You need to be very careful of his Plague Weapons attacks, as they will significantly damage you if you get caught. Corvus frequently uses the Spear to land three-hit combos, but you can avoid it by deflecting or dodging. Handaxe attacks are also relatively easy to parry, and you shouldn’t have many difficulties doing that. However, be cautious when he uses the Bow because the arrows deal much damage. Don’t try to deflect them; instead, dodge sideways. The Scythe is another Plague Weapon that he frequently summons, and its timings can be difficult to read in the first place. Try to keep a fair distance when you see it doing so.

When you notice a red light coming from him, dodge as fast as you can, using the Long Dodge talent if you have equipped it in Thymesia, and try to reach a safe distance from the boss. He will perform a critical attack that cannot be dodged or deflected once executed, so the only way to avoid being hit is to run away from him.

During the second phase of the battle, his standard moves will not change much. Instead, he will use the alternative attacks tied to each Plague Weapon he has. They can be tougher to avoid or deflect, so ensure you have enough potions left. Alternatively, you can equip the Blood Storm as your second Plague Weapon so that you can heal yourself with that as well.

Tips for Winning the Fight Against Corvus

The final boss battle in Thymesia is challenging and punishing, as you might imagine for a soulslike game. However, remember that Corvus’ attacks are nothing new in the end, as they are your moves as well, and you have performed them many times during the story. You need to remember each timing perfectly and master the deflecting techniques you have already learned. After all, you wouldn’t have gotten so far in the game if you didn’t know how to play.

We recommend you equip the Bow for this fight so you have a chance hit him from a distance and then cut his green health bar with your Claw. The Halberd is also a good fit because it deals a fair amount of damage. However, if you want to benefit from an extra dose of healing during the battle, you can always equip the Blood Storm as your second Plague Weapon, which turns plague energy into HP.

And if you want to gain some extra Memory Shards to level up further before starting this fight, you can read our guide here. You can also find all the potion recipes available in Thymesia and learn how to use Plague Weapons at their best on Wccftech.

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