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Thymesia Guide – How To Use Plague Weapons

Varg in Thymesia

Thymesia features many interesting game mechanics, and Plague Weapons make no exception. They are powerful, have unique abilities, and deal more damage than the standard Saber attacks. Enemies have many different Plague Weapons, such as handaxes, knives, halberds, and hammers; you can Reave them and use them once, or even unlock and add them to your collection when you get enough Skill Shards.

Let’s discover how to obtain and use Plague Weapons, reave them, and unlock these uniques through Skill Shards to unleash their powers more than once.

How To Reave Plague Weapons in Thymesia

Each enemy you will face in the game has a Plague Weapon you can reave for your own use. To do that, you need to fully charge the Claw Attack by pressing the corresponding key (right button of the mouse on PC, R2 on PlayStation, RT on Xbox) and then release it once you are ready. Keep in mind, however, that you will become vulnerable to enemy attacks, so you’d better calculate timings accurately.

You can unlock the Predator’s Claw Lv2 talent, allowing you to gain a Super Armor when performing this move. You will still be damaged if you get hit by the enemies, but less than before. Lv3 of this talent is also useful because it makes you obtain one stack of Offensive and Defensive buffs when you successfully hit the enemy.

Once you obtain the reaved weapon, you can cast it by pressing 2 on PC, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox. When you attack once with this weapon, you will lose it and have to reave it again from the same enemy or another one. If you don’t use it within a few minutes, you will also lose it. You will benefit from the Super Armor when casting Plague Weapons, but remember that you still can take some damage.

How To Unlock Plague Weapons Through Skill Shards

Every time you kill one or more enemies, you can obtain Skill Shards from them. These can be used in the Plague Weapon menu to unlock or upgrade Plague Weapons. Each new item costs 3 Skills Shards; the same goes for every upgrade.

You can cast an equipped Plague Weapon by pressing 1 on PC, Square on PlayStation, or X on Xbox. They consume energy, which is displayed in the lower left corner in green, and do not disappear after use. Depending on the weapon, you can even use it more than once in a row for multiple attacks. You can also unlock many talents, such as Energised Weapon and Energised Deflect, that restore some of your energy after successfully executing an enemy or deflecting an attack. In addition, you can equip more than one weapon and freely switch between them with the Plague Weapon Lv2 talent.

Each Plague Weapon has its unique effects, displayed in the proper menu, and is also tied to a cooldown that starts after you use it. It generally lasts a few seconds but can make a huge difference in a Soulslike. When you upgrade a Plague Weapon in Thymesia, you usually increase its damage, reduce the cooldown and the energy cost, and unlock additional effects.

Use this kind of weapon wisely, calculate the correct timings, and carefully observe your enemy’s moves, as you can’t just cast them as many times as you’d wish. They are helpful and a real game changer in many situations, so make sure you practice with them enough before starting a boss battle. And if you still need some help with Thymesia, you can find our tips and tricks here.

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