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V Rising – Blood Types and Blood Quality Guide

V Rising

V Rising is a vampire game, so blood plays a crucial role. Drinking a specific blood type, just like it happens in Vampire the Masquerade: Swansong, grants you special abilities and higher stats. The boost you get depends on the creature you drink the blood from. For example, a Creature blood type helps you during exploration, while a Warrior type increases the damage you deal in combat. Moreover, the higher the quality of the blood, the higher the buff will be.

Blood is also essential for your survival, as you have a blood pool at the lower center of the screen that needs to be refilled constantly. If empty, you will steadily lose health points until you replenish it. Let’s see how blood types work in V Rising and how to drink.

How to Drink Blood in V Rising

If you want to drink and replenish your blood supply in V Rising, you must focus on low-health humans and creatures. You can engage in a fight and press F on the keyboard before killing them, or, if you play with your friends, you can also target your teammates’ enemies.

You will see the blood type and quality in the lower part of the screen, highlighted in yellow. Of course, higher percentage numbers will guarantee better buffs. Remember that getting a new type of blood will erase the effects of the previous drink. You can also draw blood from rats, but you won’t get any extra ability from them.

Blood Types and Buffs

V Rising features seven different types of blood, each with its own features and effects. Here’s a quick recap of Blood quality levels based on percentage:

  • Level 1: 1-29% blood quality
  • Level 2: 30-59% blood quality
  • Level 3: 60-89% blood quality
  • Level 4: 90-99% blood quality
  • Level 5: 100% blood quality

Finding an enemy with a 100% blood quality is extremely rare, but you will have higher chances if you head to the North. Let’s see each blood type in detail now.


This is the standard blood type available when you first start the game. It won’t get you any buff or extra ability. You will get the Frailed type in V Rising when drinking rats’ blood.


The Creature blood type will come in handy during exploration, as it increases your speed and lowers the damage you receive. It can be easily obtained from creatures like wolves and bears. The effects tied to this blood type are listed below.

  • Level 1: you get a speed increase between 3-15%
  • Level 2: your resistance to sunlight is increased by 10-25%
  • Level 3: the damage you get is reduced by 10-20%
  • Level 4: health regeneration is increased by 150%
  • Level 5: all above buffs are boosted by 30%


The Brute blood type is helpful when you engage in combat, as it will increase the damage done, the attack speed, and the health recovery. You can get it from human enemies, like soldiers and bandits. Below are the effects of the Brute blood type in V Rising.

  • Level 1: your main attack gets 7.5-12.5% Life Leech
  • Level 2: your primary attack speed is increased by 7.5-12.5%, and your Gear Level is increased by 1
  • Level 3: healings received are buffed by 20-30%, plus you get healed by 4% of your enemy’s health when you get a killing blow
  • Level 4: you get a 6% chance per relative health recovered to boost your movement speed by 20%, as well as primary attacks by 25%
  • Level 5: all above buffs are boosted by 30%


The Rogue blood type is useful in combat, as well. It will help you move faster and land critical hits. You can get it from human enemies, like archers and assassins. Let’s see its effects.

  • Level 1: your chances of landing a critical hit are buffed by 10-20% with weapon attacks
  • Level 2: movement speed is increased by 8-15%
  • Level 3: your Travel skills have a 12-25% faster cooldown, and you have a 100% chance of dealing a critical hit after using a Travel skill
  • Level 4: every critical hit has a 50% chance of exposing the enemy’s armor, increasing the damage they get by 15% for 4 seconds
  • Level 5: all above buffs are boosted by 30%


The Warrior blood type helps you deal more and more damage in V Rising. You can drink it from human enemies, like soldiers and bandits. Below are its effects.

  • Level 1: physical power is increased by 10-20%
  • Level 2: cooldown on weapon skills is reduced by 8-15%
  • Level 3: damage taken is reduced by 7.5-15%, and you deal 25% more damage to enemies if you have full health
  • Level 4: you get a 15% chance of automatically parring incoming attacks, damage taken is reduced by 50%, and damage dealt is increased by 25%
  • Level 5: all above buffs are boosted by 30%


If you want to gather resources faster, the Worker blood type is the right choice. You can get it from humans or NPCs. Below you will find the effects tied to each level.

  • Level 1: resource yield is increased by 10-30%
  • Level 2: damage done to resource elements is increased by 15-25%
  • Level 3: your speed while on horseback is increased by 10-20%
  • Level 4: you get a 3% chance of instantly breaking a resource node and activating a speed boost
  • Level 5: all above buffs are boosted by 30%


If you like to use your magical abilities often and rely heavily on them, the Scholar blood type is the one you need the most. You can get it from specific enemies, like priests. Below are its effects.

  • Level 1: the spell power is increased by 12-25%
  • Level 2: the cooldown on spells is reduced by 9-15%
  • Level 3: your spells get 5-10% Life Leech
  • Level 4: you get a 20% chance of resetting a spell’s cooldown on cast
  • Level 5: all above buffs are boosted by 30%

If you have just started playing V Rising and exploring the world of Vardoran, you will find five helpful tips and tricks in our guide.

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