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V Rising – How to Beat Keely the Frost Archer and Get Leather

V Rising Keely the Frost Archer

Leather is one of the key materials in V Rising. You need it to craft different items and upgrade your armor, especially during the game’s early stages. However, you won’t get leather directly from animals: you must build a Tannery first and defeat a boss, Keely the Frost Archer, to unlock this workbench. Let’s take a look at how to do that.

Interact With the Blood Altar

If you want to get leather in V Rising, you should have already built a Blood Altar. You can use this structure to get a list of all bosses available in the game and track them down. Interact with it and select Keely the Frost Archer: once faced and defeated, you will unlock the Tannery building and the Leather, the Traveller’s Wrap, and the Empty Canteen recipes.

Defeat Keely the Frost Archer

The Blood Altar will help you track Keely the Frost Archer down; you just need to follow the highlighted path until you get to the Bandit Trapper Camp in the Farbane Woods. She’s a Level 20 boss, so ensure you have proper equipment before confronting her.

The archer is located in a Bandit camp, so you might want to kill the other humans before starting a fight with her. This way, you will have less foes to worry about. Be sure to start the mission at night, so you won’t need to hide from the sunlight during the battle. The Frost Archer relies heavily on ranged attacks and can also frost you, so pay close attention to the direction of her shots and try to dodge them in time.

Don’t stray too far from Keely the Frost Archer, or she will gain all her health back, and you will have to start the fight back from the beginning. Use the Shadowbolt ability as much as you can, as it will deal more significant damage. It takes some time, especially if you have Level 17 - 20 equipment, but defeating this boss will be pretty easy. Once done, check the Bandit Trapper Camp for some valuable items you might have missed, and then head back to your castle.

How to Build the Tannery

Once you reach your base, you can finally build the Tannery. You will need 8 Planks and 160 Animal Hides to do so. Plank can be obtained when you refine Lumber with the Sawmill, while creatures in the woods will drop the Animal Hide.

Make sure to fuel your Castle Hearth with Blood Essence in V Rising; otherwise, it will soon start decaying, and all the structures you have built will stop working.

How to Get Leather

Once the Tannery is up and running, you can simply add the Animal Hide in its input menu, and you will get leather. Each piece of leather requires 16 Animal Hides to be crafted, but you will get plenty of them by hunting creatures down in the Farbane Woods.

You can use your crafting skills to build many valuable items in the game. Check our starting tips and tricks to learn more about that. We also have guides on how to get copper and bones. Stay tuned for more V Rising content coming soon!

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