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V Rising – How to Get Copper


As you progress through V Rising, either in PvE or PvP mode, you will need new materials to craft items and equipment for your character. Copper Ore makes no exception, and you will start using it early in the game to unlock new, powerful weapons and gear. It will also come in handy when building new structures and upgrades for your castle. In this V Rising guide, you will find all the information you need about Copper Ore, how to get it early in the game and how to make Copper Ingots.

How to Find and Get Copper in V Rising

As you explore the map, you will eventually find some orange rocks that, once smashed, will give you Copper. They are often placed on either side of Vardoran’s paths, but if you want to get the best out of your time, you’d better head to the Bandit Copper Mine in the Farbane Woods. The exact location of this place is marked on the map below.

Beware that you will most probably find a lot of enemies here, as well as Errol the Stonebreaker boss, so be ready to get into a fight before being able to start mining Copper Ore. You will also find this material in the Dunley Farmlands and Silverlight Hills, but not as much as in the Farbane Woods.

How to Mine Copper

Once you find some Copper rocks and have no enemies around you, you can use your Reinforced Bone Mace to start mining. Be aware that a regular Bone Mace will be useless with Copper, as you will get a red warning saying that your attack level is too low. Once you earn enough material, you can head back to your castle and use the Furnace to get Copper Ingots.

How to Get Copper Ingots

To transform Copper Ore into Copper Ingots, you will need a Furnace. You can build it for 480 Stone and 60 Copper Ore. Once done, you can use it to get refined material: just place Copper Ore inside and wait for it to finish, as it will do the hard job and give you refined Copped Ingots. Be aware that this is quite a time-consuming process, and you will need to farm enough material to get a good amount of ingots.

For each ingot, you will need 20 Copper Ore. Farming is essential if you want to maximize your time in-game and get the most out of it.

How to Use Copper

Once you have enough Copper Ore and, most importantly, Copper Ingots, you can use them to build level 9 gear, such as a Copper Sword, Copper Ax, Copper Mace, and Copper Spear. These weapons will definitely help you against V Rising bosses and speed up your farming activities.

You can also use Copper Ingots to craft castle decorations and valuable items, like the 'Sigil' and 'Redoubt' Patterns. These ingots also come in handy when building the Paper Press, the Servant Coffin, the Gothic Mirror, the 'Omen' Slim Bookcase, and much more.

If you just started playing the game and are looking for some tips and tricks, you can find them in our V Rising beginners' guide.

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