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Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt – Best Weapons Guide


Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt has many different weapons you can use during the battle, as they deal different damage based on their unique characteristics and rarity. You will start each game with a common pistol, so you may want to change it as soon as possible with something better. This guide will show you the best Bloodhunt weapons, how to use them and what you get with higher rarities.

Bloodhunt Weapons Different Rarities

In Bloodhunt, you can find melee and ranged weapons. Both are handy in many different situations, depending on how you use them. You can find the rarities listed below:

  • Green: common weapons
  • Blue: rare weapons
  • Purple: epic weapons
  • Golden: legendary weapons

The stats of each weapon vary based on the rarity. Better items deal more damage, have faster reload speeds, an improved range, and feature increased magazine capacity.

You will find many green and even blue weapons across the map, as they are pretty easy to spot. Purple and golden ones, however, are fairly uncommon, and you will mostly find them in high-tier loots and when killing other players. But don’t expect to get a golden weapon during every match: just stick with the best items you found during the game’s first minutes and head into the battle.

Best Bloodhunt Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are your primary resource during the fight, so you should dedicate some time at the start of each match looking for better items than the standard pistol. Let’s go through the best ranged weapons of the game.

  • Assault Rifle: if you have already played other shooter games, you will feel at ease with the assault rifle. This weapon can be used for close and long-range fights; it is pretty fast and deals significant damage. With higher rarities, you can also expect faster reloads.
  • Double Barrel: this shotgun is most effective during face-to-face combats, as it deals an impressive amount of damage to your opponent and does not require great aim. You will find faster reloads, a tighter spread pattern, and a longer effective range with higher rarities.
  • Minigun: most of the time, this weapon will secure you a win. Obviously, you still need to learn how to use it properly, but it deals impressive damage to any enemy and has a great fire rate. However, it isn’t easy to find, as you need to head to an Entity camp to get it.
  • Marksman Rifle: you can land great headshots with this one. The Marksman Rifle is the best weapon for long-range shots, as it inflicts significant damage to any enemy, even higher if you aim and hit their head. You will get better recoil recovery and faster reloads with a higher rarity.
  • Silenced SMG: this weapon does its job exceptionally well when used at a close range, as it features a high fire rate and greatly damages any enemy that ends up in your path.

Best Bloodhunt Melee Weapons

Melee weapons should not be your primary item during the fight, as ranged attacks perform much better in many situations. However, they are useful when you run out of bullets and need to finish an enemy off or when you need to use the special powers that some of them have. The higher rarity ones also deal massive damage, and you can drink the Choleric blood type to increase this stat up to 50%. You can find the best Bloodhunt melee weapons below.

  • Katana: this melee weapon can deflect bullets in Bloodhunt, so you can use this unique ability to escape the most brutal fights and send the projectiles back to the enemies. Moreover, it deals significant damage, and its attacks are swift.
  • Scourge Blades: they are fast, and if used correctly, you can kill your enemy in no time with them. You can also perform a charged attack with them, dealing even more damage. However, you need to be very precise when you use the Scourge Blades, as even just one miss can lead you to death in no time.

If you just started playing Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt and need some tips and tricks on the game, you can find them here.

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