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Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters’ First DLC Adds Mechs, a New Class, and More

Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate Daemonhunters

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is one of this year’s best under-the-radar strategy games and now Canadian developer Complex Games is preparing to launch its first major chunk of DLC, entitled “Duty Eternal.” This update looks pretty meaty, as it adds the ability to customize and command your own Dreadnought mech, an escort fighter ship to make the strategic aspect of the game more manageable, the new Techmarine class, and more. You can check out a trailer for the Duty Eternal update, below.

Here’s what’s included in the Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Duty Eternal DLC.

Experience New Missions

  • The Bloom has mutated. Overcome the rampaging Technophage Outbreak by aiding the Adeptus Mechanicus and halting the scourge.
  • Engage in brand-new missions to unlock potent, neoteric tools and discover advanced ways to strategize you further your campaign against the forces of Nurgle.

Command the Dreadnought

  • Bring fear and fury from your thunderous Dreadnought, a venerable combat walker of legend.
  • Customize with an array of awesome weaponry to become war incarnate.
  • Fallen Grey Knights can take up the mantle of Dreadnought pilot and fight on in the name of the Emperor.

Unleash The Techmarine

  • Invoke the Machine God with the all-new Techmarine class and greatly expand your tactical options.
  • These fierce warrior-smiths are machine masters, bringing with them a cadre of Combat Servitors to aid their battle brothers, such as armor-breaking Breachers, to long-range, area-of-effect damaging Bombards.

Dispatch the Gladius Frigate

  • Pursue Nurgle’s forces across the Tyrtaeus Sector with the Gladius Frigate.
  • This escort starship opens up new excursions in distant locations, directed entirely from aboard the Baleful Edict and enabling the Grey Knights to wage war on multiple fronts.

New Gameplay Features

  • Bolster your reinforcements by trading in new Archeotech; assist the revered Tech-Priest Dominus Lunete on a select mission; and experience Technophage-themed Warp Surge Events.

In addition to the paid Duty Eternal DLC (price yet to be revealed), Daemonhunters will also be getting a free update. Here’s what’s included in that

New Enemy Types

  • Anti-Armour - Plague Marine: Posing an unwavering threat to even the most heavily armoured Grey Knights, this Plague Marine variant is equipped with armour-sundering arsenal, wielding a Meltagun and Krak Grenades.
  • Fleshmower - Foetid Bloat-drone: New Foetid Bloat-drone variants come armed with a Fleshmower, capable of projecting punishing attacks through the land, and unforgivingly any Grey Knights who dare stand before them.
  • The Noxious Blightbringer: Living conduits for the Garden of Nurgle, The Noxious Blightbringers render their rivals feeble as they strip away armor bonuses, effectively nullifying Aegis Shield, Fortress and other defensive Grey Knights abilities.
  • Other improvements: Alongside these Death Guard reinforcements, will also be a number of performance improvements and optimizations.

Warhammer 40K: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters can be played on PC. The Duty Eternal DLC and free update launch on December 6.

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